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31 May,2016



from Nashik to Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Deccan Gymkhana

A Liver and a Kidney of a Brain Dead Patient in Nashik transported to Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Deccan Gymkhana via Green Corridor in record 3.25 hrs.

  • First of its kind green corridor on Nashik-Pune highway
  • Sahyadri’s first intercity Organ transfer
  • Hats off to the entire Traffic Police Dept. in Nashik & Pune, Our SSH Deccan Medical & Operations team, Our Liver Team and Medical Team at SSH Nashik who counseled the organ donor family

For the first time, a green corridor was set up from Nashik to Pune when the liver of a brain-dead 55-year-old woman was brought to Sahyadri Hospital for transplant on 10th May. The harvested Liver was transplanted in 49 years old patient suffering from chronic liver disease. 55 year old lady was admitted with hypertensive intracranial bleeding at Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Nashik on 7th May. Assessing her medical condition, she was declared brain dead on 9th May. Sahyadri Hospital, Nashik’s medical team counseled the relatives of brain dead patient for Organ donation, to which they agreed voluntarily.

Since, Sahyadri Hospital Nashik is not an official centre for Organ retrieval, the donor was transferred to an official organ retrieval centre in Nashik. The liver was allocated to Sahyadri Hospital Deccan Gymkhana according to ZTCC rules and regulations. Sahyadri Hospitals liver team immediately travelled to Nashik and carried out the Organ retrieval procedure in the morning. As per the requirement, a green corridor was created between Nashik and Sahyadri Hospital Deccan for unhindered transportation of the liver. The distance of 210 km was covered in just 3.25 hours. The successful green corridor was the result of planned and coordinated efforts of the traffic division.

The event saw a well-coordinated effort of more than 100 traffic police officers in Pune, Traffic Police at Nashik, Medical team of SSH Nashik, which counselled the organ donor family, our liver team & the entire SSH Deccan medical & operations team. Support received from Mr. Sarang Avhad, DCP Traffic, Pune and Mrs. Arati Gokhale, ZTCC is notable. The media has covered this ‘Nobel initiative’ prominently, sharing pictures and links: