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What is Breast Cancer Screening?

Breast Cancer screening is the process of examining the mammary gland of the women to find any cancer cell presence before any indication provided by the gland.

Breast cancer screening cannot prevent any cancer cell from spreading but can help you find whether you are fit and healthy or are affected by the death-causing virus. 

Every individual needs to know about their health condition and issues. Therefore, it is highly important to perform this screening because if there is any presence of cancer cell you will be able to detect it in the early stage.

Also, by consulting with your doctor you can prevent it from spreading. 

How is breast Cancer Screening Done?

According to research, breast cancer screening is done in several ways. There are various types of screening that your gynecologist can suggest. You can further consult with your gynecologist to know which would work best for you. Let’s discuss the types of Breast Cancer Screening:

  1. Mammography- This involves an X-ray radiation process to identify the malignant tumors or breast lumps. This is the common type of screening as it allows finding breast tumors in women with dense tissue and is very easy to perform. 
  2. Digital Mammography- This is a digital radiation process to detect tumor and breast lumps. This is also very common in terms of screening your breast. 
  3. Ultrasound- This is also called sonography that creates high-frequency waves to detect solid tumors from liquid cysts. 
  4. Magnetic Resonance Imaging- MRI is a common process and is a highly effective technique in detecting Invasive Cancer. 
  5. Positron Emission Mammography- This creates Gamma rays to detect cancer cells commonly known as PEM. 
  6. Breast Specific Gamma Imaging- It is a radioactive detector of a cancer cell.
  7. Breast Self Exams This is a process where you examine the breast.
  8. Breast Exam by the Health Care Provider- This is a process where the professionals examine your breast. 

Breast Cancer Screening Recommendation

According to USPSTF, it is recommended that women of every age should perform mammography once every year. Women from 50-74 years of age have an average risk of getting breast cancer so it is recommended for them to perform mammograms every two years. 

Women from 40-49 should consult with their gynecologist or other doctors regarding the perfect time and how many times should they perform the mammography. Women who are below age 50 should think about performing screening if the doctors ask so. 

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    Why is breast cancer screening important?

    According to WHO breast cancer is the most common cause of people dying all over the world. In 2020 over 2.3 million people got affected by this cancer resulting in 685,000 deaths.

    So, to minimize the rate of deaths it is important to prevent it than curing it. Screening can help to find the problem at the very beginning where like can be treated alike. 

    Many people don’t get any signs and symptoms, when they start getting symptoms it becomes too late for them to cure it of roots. Therefore it is highly important to perform breast cancer screening to get a fast and effective result without damaging any gland.

    Breast Cancer screening tests

    Breast cancer screening tests are performed in many places like clinics, hospitals, private chambers, or offices. The most common breast cancer screening tests include:

    • Mammogram
    • MRI
    • Clinical Breast Exam

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    What is the benefit of performing breast screening?

    Breast Cancer screening helps to find any cancer cell presence in the mammary gland at the early stage. It is more beneficial if the cancer cell can be detected at the earliest possible stage to have a higher chance of surviving the disease. 

    Also, it helps you to be prepared for the consequences from the early stage. This is the reason why it is recommended to perform the screening either once a year or once every two years.

    Risk of Breast Cancer Screening

    Besides, being beneficial it can also be harmful in several ways. The risk factors are as follows:

    1. Women might face unnecessary distress. As mammograms are often unclear there is a high chance that you will be called again and again. This can cause excess anxiety to the women. 
    2. Screening is referred to as diagnosis with X-rays and the X-rays can be harmful to your health. 
    3. Several screenings can cost you a lot along with hypertension. 
    4. This will not help you to fight death caused by cancer and most importantly this does not affect in all-cause death. 


    You can perform breast cancer screening to know whether you are affected with cancer or not but is highly recommendable to perform it from the best clinic or hospital to get the best results.

    You can also consult with your doctor regarding the need for screening if your doctor suggests you then you should perform it without wasting a single second.

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