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How to Do a Self Breast Exam?


The Breast is the most sensitive and important organ for a woman. Breast cancers are increasing at a high rate and due to tissue cancer, the death ratio has also been increased.

Cancer is the most common disease found while incorporating Lymph node study. Now you might be wondering what is breast examination? So let’s go further to know everything about breast study.

Breast Examination is nothing but the examination of the mammary organ. These examinations are held to find out if there is any abnormality in the tissue or not. You can find the abnormality of the organ by carrying out a self-breast exam.

You can also consult your doctor or surgical consultant if you want to re-examine the organ through methods like mammogram and MRI or Ultrasound to get a proper idea.

How can you perform the Self-breast examination process?

According to the research, you should perform a self-beast study to determine any cancer cell and is said to be performed. The self-breast exam should be performed after every 3-5 days for proper prevention.

If your menopause has started, try to perform the study process on the exact day of it being started. You can follow certain steps to examine your organ:

  1. You must lie down to see the entire organ at the same point.
  2. Place your right hand at the back of your head. 
  3. With your left hand’s middle finger gently yet firmly press down and make small motions.
  4. You can sit down in the next process
  5. Try to feel the area of your armpit while you check for lumps.
  6. Squeeze the nipple with your fingertips and see if any there is any discharge.
  7. Repeat the same process with your left side gland.

Now stand in front of the mirror and keep your both hands behind your hips. 

  1. Check the mirror image of the gland if you can notice any color change or skin texture change in the gland. 
  2. Note down the shape and outline of the tissue.
  3. Also, notice if you can find the nipple is going inward direction. 

Are Breast Exams Necessary?

Cancer is increasing at a high rate and every death caused by cancer is important. Different types of tissue examination include:

  • Mammography
  • MRI
  • Clinical Lymph node Exam
  • Self-Breast Exam

All the tissue exams are necessary as each procedure help to find presence of any cancer cell in the mammary gland at the early stage. It is more beneficial if the cancer cell can be detected at the earliest possible stage to have a higher chance of surviving the disease. Also, it helps you to be prepared for the consequences from the early stage. 

You should also perform the self-breast examination at home to get tissue awareness and also this is cost-free. If you notice any change you should directly consult your doctor without wasting a single time. 

Have queries or concern ?

    Why is it important to check your Breast?

    Breast Scrutiny that you do can help you to understand the look of your gland and you can also understand the feel of your tissue. According to research, lymph node scrutiny is important to make you aware of your lymph node health. It is not time-consuming neither it is cost-effective and can help you to know the presence of cancer cells in the gland.

    If you can detect any abnormality you can perform the early diagnosis that can help you by presenting you a long-term life.

    What percentage of Breast Cancer is found by Self-examination?

    According to research, 57% of women survivors are reported by some scrutiny method which is different from the mammographic scrutiny. Women often detected lymph node cancers themselves, either by self-scrutiny with 25% or by accident 18%.

    Risk related to self-breast exam

    There are negative aspects of the self-breast exam, like it may not always help you detect breast cancer. You may have to go to the doctor for carrying out other tests. It can also give you false anxiety as all lumps are not cancerous.

    When to inform your doctor?

    It becomes necessary to inform your doctor after the self-check process when you find the following symptoms:

    • Dimples, bulges or wrinkles in your breast skin
    • Change in the appearance or texture of your breast
    • A hard lump is felt under your arms
    • A sensation of pain or swelling, redness or warmth in the breast
    • Unusual change in the nipple like it is pushed in
    • Bloody discharge
    • Itching, soreness, swelling or rashes


    There are many costly scrutiny processes that you can go for but this is the worth scrutiny by which many people are detecting the human eating disease and also getting cured of this. But it is up to you how minutely you are examining the tissue.

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