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Can Chlamydia Cause Infertility in Males?


Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection that usually develops as an act of bacteria. People who have this disease usually do not show any symptoms in the initial stage. According to a study, 90% of the women and 70% of the men with STI do not have symptoms at all. But chlamydia is still a huge health problem because of its later effects.

So it is essential to treat the disease at an early stage. If chlamydia in males remains untreated, it can cause many problems in the future, like epididymis. It can also cause infection in the prostate gland causing painful intercourse, chlamydial urethritis, and possibly infertility.

How likely is it to be infertile from chlamydia?

Chlamydia infection has been linked with women’s infertility for a long time, but there is not much research on its effect on male infertility. It is primarily the case when the male is not experiencing any symptoms, i.e., 50 percent of the time.

But according to the researchers of Canalejo University Hospital, Spain, they discovered chlamydia could damage the quality of the male sperm.

Their study analyzed the sperms of 143 different men who had chlamydia and were unable to become a father. They found that the extent of their DNA fragmentation was three times higher than a healthy man. Apart from having a low sperm count, they also had a large number of abnormally shaped sperms. Furthermore, most of their sperm had poor motility.

Chlamydia symptoms in males

It’s a fact that most males do not experience any symptoms at all, but those who do their symptoms usually appear after 1 to 3 weeks. The symptoms are as follows:

  • Extreme lower abdominal pain
  • Burning or inflammation while peeing
  • Green or yellow discharge from the penis
  • Testicle pain

If the patient grows chlamydia infection in his anus, the symptoms will be pain, discharge, and bleeding in that area. 

If you have oral sex with another person having chlamydia, it is possible for you to get an infection in the throat causing you throat chlamydia. In such cases, symptoms are cough, sore throat, and fever. 

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Have queries or concern ?

    How can you get chlamydia?

    According to CDC, it was reported that in the year 2017, more than 1.7 million people had chlamydia. It is a widespread infection, and you can get it if you have unprotected oral, vaginal, or anal sex.

    The infection passes through the vaginal fluid or semen of the person you are having intercourse with. It can also get transferred from one person to another through genital touch even if there is no sex involved.

    For example, a pregnant woman can pass it to the baby when she gives birth or delivery.

    How doctor diagnose chlamydia?

    There are a couple of ways by which doctors can diagnose if the person has chlamydia or not. For diagnosis, the doctor uses a swab and takes a sample from the patient’s urethra if men and from the cervix if women. The sample is transferred to the lab for proper analysis. Moreover, the doctors may also check your urine sample for bacteria.

    Treatment for chlamydia

    The good news about chlamydia is that doctors can cure it quickly. In addition, since the actions of bacteria cause it, the doctors can treat it with the help of antibiotics. 

    To treat the disease, the doctor will prescribe you a large dose of Azithromycin; it is usually taken once. Doxycycline is another antibiotic which the doctor may ask you to take twice a day for one week. Apart from these, the doctor may give you other antibiotics if s/he finds it fit. 

    No matter what antibiotics you get and for how long, you must take them as per the given instruction. It will help you clear the infection completely. It usually takes a time of one or two weeks to clear the infection. 

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    Is it hard to get pregnant with chlamydia?

    According to a study of 2004 involving Swedish couples, they found that it’s hard to become a father if the person has chlamydia. This is because chlamydia increases the risk of blocking, scarring, or inflaming the reproductive organ. Thus, it makes it hard for the sperm and egg to meet.

    How to prevent chlamydia?

    The best way to avoid attracting chlamydia from another person is by using a condom while having intercourse. To carry on safe sex, you must follow the below tips:

    • Regularly go for STIs test when trying with a new partner
    • Always use protection when having intercourse
    • Avoid oral sex, or use protection during oral sex too

    Safe sex can prevent various infections, diseases, and unintended pregnancies. 


    Chlamydia is a prevalent disease that can pass on easily from one person to another, as most people do not have any symptoms at all. It can affect life by making you unable to conceive. It also gives you other deadly diseases. So to avoid it, it is always safe to use protection and follow other prevention steps.

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