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Does the Sclera become the Cornea?

Sclera Become the Cornea

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to the sclera when it becomes the cornea, you’re in luck! As ophthalmologists, we have some answers for you.

The cornea is a vital part of your eye and its shape and size determines how your vision works. Therefore, it’s important to understand what goes on when the sclera turns into the cornea.

When the sclera is exposed to a special kind of light, it becomes thinner and more transparent. At this point, the sclera has been transformed into the cornea—the part of your eye which helps focus light onto the retina in order for you to see.

This transformation occurs due to a process called refraction and it’s an important step in helping us achieve clear vision. 

The corneal tissue is also stronger than other tissues in our eyes because it contains significantly more collagen fibers than other areas. It also has higher levels of water present in it as well as a much higher number of enzymes that help keep it healthy over time.

All these elements combined make up a very sturdy protective layer for the light entering our eyes.

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    The cornea is also an incredibly important part of vision because it helps focus and refract light as it enters your eye, which is how you’re able to make out shapes and objects in front of you. Without a healthy, strong cornea, we wouldn’t be able to see properly! 

    In order to keep your corneas healthy, there are certain steps that can be taken such as avoiding contact lenses for extended periods of time, wearing sunglasses when outdoors, never rubbing the eyes and making sure any dirt or dust particles do not enter the eye.

    Additionally, some people may need more specialized medication prescribed by their optometrist if they are experiencing further issues with their corneas.

    Hopefully this information has given you a better understanding of the transformation process of the sclera to the cornea, why it helps provide clear vision and how to look after your corneal health. Happy seeing!

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