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Tips for Getting Pregnant With Low Sperm Count


In the condition of low sperm count, the semen you ejaculate during an orgasm contains a lesser amount of sperm than normal.

This medical disorder is also known as oligospermia.

On the other hand, when there is no sperm at all in the sperm, it is called azoospermia.

You know you have a low sperm count when the number of sperm present is less than 15 million in one milliliter of sperm.

When you have a low sperm count, it sometimes becomes difficult to get your partner pregnant. However, there are some tips that can help you get pregnant even with a low sperm count.

Why do people have a low sperm count?

The production of sperm is quite complex and requires proper functioning testicles, pituitary glands, and hypothalamus. The last two are the organs of the brain that triggers the production of sperm.

The testicles produce the sperm while the delicate tubes transfer them to mix up with the semen and ejaculate out of the penis.

However, the problem arises when you are overweight, taking certain medicines, or have experienced any kind of surgery or trauma. In addition, your testicles may also perform poorly when exposed to too much heat or medical issues.

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    Warning signs of low sperm count

    You may not notice any signs until you are trying to have a baby. Low sperm count is a medical condition that mainly develops because of hormonal imbalance, testicular issue, blockage, or chromosomal abnormality. So it is most probable that you will experience problem relating to these conditions, which will warn you of the low sperm count problem. These symptoms include:

    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Low sex drive
    • Less facial or body hair
    • Pain or swelling in and around the testicles

    How to get pregnant with a low sperm count?

    If you have been diagnosed with low sperm count, there are a couple of tips you can try to get pregnant. The following are the options for you:

    Keep on trying

    When you visit the doctor, the first suggestion he may give you is to try conceiving the baby naturally by maximizing the chance. By maximizing the chance, s/he really means having sex every two or three days. Also, stop smoking, take alcohol in moderation, have a healthy diet, increase physical activity and stay in good shape. These points together will help you have a baby. 

    Try IVF

    The second option you get is pregnancy through in vitro fertilization. However, the doctor will suggest you this option only when you have a low sperm count and you have been trying to conceive a baby for more than two years. In IVF, the doctor will fertilize your partner’s egg using your sperm physically in a lab. 

    Try ICSI 

    It is just like IVF but more advanced than that. The doctor will suggest you this option when you have poor quality sperm, have been trying to conceive for more than two years, and IVF has also failed to provide you relief. 

    Donor insemination 

    In this method, you and your partner can get pregnant by using the sperm of a donor. You can also consider this option if you don’t want to go through the ICSI process. 

    Gonadotropine medicine

    If you have low sperm-producing hormones or Gonadotropin hormones, the doctor might suggest you take this medicine. It improves the quality of your sperm and increases your chance of getting pregnant. 

    How to make sperm stronger for pregnancy?

    There are certain natural ways by which you can not only make your sperm stronger but also increase its count. They are as follows:

    1. Do aerobic exercise for at least 50 minutes per week. According to a 2017 study, it significantly increases your sperm count. Also, maintain your sleep cycle for better results.
    2. Limit the time you consume alcohol. Do not abuse any other type of substance like cocaine or marijuana. Also, quit smoking.
    3. Take proper medications as prescribed by your doctor.
    4. You can also try fenugreek supplements. It is a natural supplement that you can take to improve sperm health.
    5. Ashwagandha also helps in curing a lot of sexual dysfunction. According to a study of 2013, 46 males who were taking 675 ml of ashwagandha every day for 90 days were able to increase their sperm count by 167%.
    6. Avoid eating soy and other estrogen-rich foods.
    7. Reduce unhealthful fat intake.
    8. Try and avoid areas of congestion and pollution. Also, limit your stays in the area where there is a lot of chemical and toxins.


    The medical condition of low sperm count is a problem placed with a lot of men. However, men can overcome it by natural remedies, changing their lifestyle, and adjusting dietary routines.

    You will also see effects if you leave all the bad habits of taking tobacco, illicit drugs, and excess alcohol. Apart from increasing your sperm count, you can also take the help of other treatment options to conceive babies.

    If you need more detailed information on low sperm count, you should speak with our urologist. Our doctor is one of the most experienced and best urologist doctors in Pune.

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