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Is Blood Cancer Curable?


Blood Cancer is one of the cancer diseases that attacks the white blood cells and plasma cells to destroy the other white or red blood. It often ends in chronic anemia and also infects the whole body. Cancer affects the area of bone marrow, bones, spleen, and Lymph nodes. Not only those organs but Blood Cancer also spread the infection to other parts and destroys their functions.

But as the treatment of cancer got a huge success during those decades, Blood cancer is also Curable till a specific stage.

Who is affected by Blood Cancer?

Generally, men suffer more from blood cancer than women. Some factors enhance the chances of Blood Cancer.

1. Smoking:

It can be a reason why men suffer more from blood tobacco increases about 50% of the chance of being a cancer patient. But scientists prove that it is also a reason for leukemia, the most common blood cancer in the world. Generally, it attacks the lungs and mouth of a human body.

2. Radiation Exposure:

A scientist who works with the Ultra violet reagents like uranium and thorium caught exposure to radiation of the atom. That directly goes through the body and provokes a cancerous cell.

Not only the scientists, the mine workers of those agents, the nurses, doctors, and medical help are also at the stake of blood cancer. A huge atomic bomb blast also can be a reason for mass affection.

3. Exposure to Chemical Reagents:

People who work at various factories are exposed to Benzene, formaldehyde, factory smoke, etc. Benzene is the main element of Blood Cancer.

Some drugs that doctors use to cure Blood Cancer, especially the radiation of chemotherapy, increase the risk of spreading the cancerous cells.

4. Genetical reason:

About 70% of cancers happen because of genetic incompetence. Suppose your great grandfather had blood cancer. Your grandfather and your father are fine. But still, you can be a cancerous patient as your chromosome carries the active cell of blood cancer.

5. Unhealthy diet:

Consuming too much oily or fast food can also be a reason for blood cancer.

Blood cancer stages

There are three types of blood cancer.

  • Leukemia: This attacks the bone-marrow with abnormal white cells and replace the good ones.
  • Lymphoma: It affects the lymph nodes and also the spleen.
  • Myeloma: In this type, the cancerous cells infect the plasma cells.

There are primarily four stages in Blood Cancer. Doctors decide the stages based on metastasis. Scientists use different scales to measure the rate of metastasis.

Stage 1:

This is just the beginning stage. The lymph nodes start increasing due to the infections. The risk factors are very low and invisible in this stage.

Stage 2:

The liver and spleen also start enlarging in this stage. The growth of abnormal lymphocytes is very high in this stage.

Stage 3:

The affected organs begin to infect other body organs in this specific stage. The bone marrow and the bones are used to be the first target to get infected.

Stage 4:

This is the last stage of cancer. The platelets will not be working anymore. The red and white blood cells ratio has started to fall. And at last, the patient will be affected by acute anemia.

Is Blood Cancer Curable?

Although medical science has through lengthy and successful, some cancers are still not completely curable. Blood Cancer is an example of that kind of Cancer.

No medicine can cure a blood cancer patient completely. Doctors can increase your lifespan by five to ten years. But they can’t give you a normal life.

Which stage of Blood Cancer is Curable?

People examined in stage one and stage say live for five to twenty years with medicines and treatments. But according to the statistics, it will be at least 5 years. Without the treatment, it can be very vulnerable.

In stages three and four, the lifespan depends on which organ cancer did affect. People with bone and bone-marrow infections hardly live for one year. But for the other organs, doctors can save him to some limits.

Treatment options for Blood Cancer

There are few treatments that doctors use as a remedy for Blood Cancer.

1. Chemotherapy:

It uses anticancer drugs to kill cancerous cells. It is quite affordable but can’t remove the cells properly. It also contains a risk of spreading the infected cells.

2. Stem cell transplantation Therapy:

It uses fresh and healthy stem cells to replace the infected ones. It is also very costly but removes the cancerous cells efficiently. It is only possible in the first two stages.

3. Immunotherapy:

It raises the body’s immune system to fight cancerous cells. An example of this kind of therapy is CAR-T therapy.

4. Radiation therapy:

Radiation therapy kills cancer cells by using high radiation energy. It is an advanced therapy and costly too. Doctors don’t use it in the normal process of treatment. If the cancer cells spread themselves in the brain or spinal fluid, the doctors suggest using it. It is also risky as doctors use it in delicate organs. Still, it is very important for the last stage patients.

Blood cancer can be a nightmare. Sometimes you will feel like death is better than that. But trust me, life is beautiful, and if you get even one day more of it, live like you always wanted to. And we are also here to help you whenever you want.


1. How long can you live with blood cancer?

You can live five years without treatment and five to twenty years with medicines and treatments while having blood cancer.

2. What are the chances of surviving blood cancer?

There is a 70% chance that you will live five years more while having blood cancer.

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