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World Pneumonia Day


Minimize risk factors of Pneumonia

As the Covid -19 pandemic rages on, the fear in the minds of people about pneumonia also has only increased. But the fact is that we can all join hands to make a difference and effectively tackle this challenge . Lung or Respiratory conditions have been seen in Covid patients and therefore pneumonia has come much in the spotlight.

Pneumonia Day is observed every year on 12November and this year the theme is ‘Stop pneumonia, every breath counts’. Pneumonia is caused by bacteria , fungus or viruses . In simple terms any Lung infection is called as Pneumonia , it is different from term bronchitis , lung fibrosis .While bacterial infection may be localized, virus spreads randomly. These organisms enters in the lungs by air we breath , blood , abdomen , bad hygiene , nose and that’s why we are advocating not to touch face frequently during COVID etc.

Bacterial infections are effectively treated with antibiotics, while viruses can result in breathing difficulties leading to hospitalizations.

In simple terms ‘Pneumonia’ is an inflammation in the air sacs of lungs which if not treated can lead to respiratory distress and potential fatal situations. The causes may be different , but the condition leads to air sacs being filled with mucus or fluids making It difficult to breathe . If left untreated can cause Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome ( ARDS ) and further Pulmonary Fibrosis which means scarring of tissues in our lungs.

Normally small children or older adults are thought to be vulnerable to this condition but in today’s times anybody can be affected . The risk factors are multiple . Those with asthma , heart disease , Cancer patients those requiring frequent hospitalization , air pollution , malnutrition , weak immune system, patients on immunosuppressive medicines, patients who have recently undergone transplant and those with bad habits like smoking are at risk of getting Pneumonia. Apart from improving health infrastructure, education people and reducing the risk factors is the best way to keep pneumonia away and reduce mortality.

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    What basic things can be done to minimize risk ?

    As these organisms enters our lungs – example through air , Covid appropriate behavior becomes all the more important . So wearing a mask during pandemic by all and by high risk patients all time , not spitting in the public places infact anywhere except of course wash basins and maintaining good hygiene of self and surrounding is important .

    Social distancing, avoiding overcrowding in lifts , shop counters , buses should become our routine habits . In longer terms we should all come together to work on minimizing river and air pollution while appropriate garbage disposal system which is in place in bigger cities should be expanded to semi urban and rural areas. It is important to note that deaths due to TB pneumonia still highest in India. Every bit of precautions we take , every good habit we inculcate will therefore be all the more important !

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