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Senior Neurologist

Dr. Nasli R Ichaporia

MD (Med), DM (Neurology)

Senior Neurologist


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Neurologist and Stroke Specialist, Dr Nasli R Ichaporia truly believes in this very saying and continues to make a difference in the field of Neurology. His expertise in handling some of the most complex cases has made him one of the most sought-after neurologists in the city. Dr Nasli R Ichaporia currently holds the position of- Director, Neurology at Sahyadri Superpeciality Hospital, Nagar road, Pune.

Since childhood, Dr Nasli R Ichaporia has a brilliant academic record with several distinctions and awards to his credit. Apart from being an expert in the field of neurology, he is also known to be an active sportsperson in badminton and cricket. During his academic years, he has won numerous awards for public speaking and debating as well.

Dr Nasli R Ichaporia completed his MBBS & MD (med) in 1982 from the BJ medical college Pune and DM (Neuro) from NIMHANS, Bangalore in 1986. He has been instrumental in setting up the first Neuro ICU and starting Neuro intensive care as a speciality in the city of Pune which continues to benefit thousands of patients even today.

Dr Nasli R Ichaporia has dedicated his life to the field of medicine and has strived to make a difference in his field of expertise. He has made his mark as the pioneer in Thrombolysis treatment for Stroke in India, having done the first thrombolysis. Today he has done more than 1000 IV & IA thrombolysis and has setup the first stroke unit in the city which is a rare accomplishment in itself.

Dr Nasli R Ichaporia is also well known as an avid public speaker in the field of Stroke and Neurology and has conducted more than 300 public lectures and workshops on Stroke. He has written extensively on Stroke prevention and treatment and has been invited as a speaker for numerous conferences. He is a preceptor for Stroke Thrombolysis in India and abroad.

In his pursuit to share his expertise so that many others can benefit from it, Dr Nasli R Ichaporia is also a post graduate teacher with numerous national and international publications and has a large number of students spread across the globe. He is a DNB –neuro –examiner and has started a 1year Stroke fellowship programme. He is also the Principal investigator for a number of Multinational Stroke trials.

Currently, Dr Nasli R Ichaporia is an active member of the Indian stroke Association and the Organizing president of STROKECON 2012 which was held in Pune. He is also the Organising President of ISA’s Stroke School which was held in Lonavala in Aug 2014. Both were highly acclaimed by Stroke enthusiasts.

The other positions held by him are that of the ex-President of the Society of Neurosciences Pune, ex-President of Maharashtra Academy of Neurology and founder of the Pune stroke group.

He was recently awarded the “Health Icon” by the Times of India group. He was a Hon.Rotarian and is an avid traveller, sportsman, photographer, environmentalist and anthropologist. With a zest to help every patient Dr Nasli R Ichaporia continues to make his mark in the city of Pune.

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