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Dr. Prakash Pandharinath Ugale

 MBBS, MD (Medicine), DNB (Nephrology)




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Meet Dr. Prakash Ugale, a distinguished Nephrologist and Renal Specialist, dedicated to providing specialized care in the field of nephrology. Dr. Ugale has completed his MBBS and MD in Medicine, followed by a significant achievement of DNB in Nephrology from MPUH, Nadiad, a renowned institute in Asia for kidney transplant.

Dr. Prakash Ugale has contributed to the medical field as a consultant Nephrologist at Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital in Nashik. With expertise in various renal procedures, he actively engages in hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, kidney transplant (live and cadaveric), kidney biopsy, and other dialysis-related procedures.

His association with MPUH, Nadiad, known for its excellence in kidney transplant, reflects Dr. Ugale’s commitment to staying at the forefront of nephrological advancements. If you are seeking the services of a skilled and experienced Nephrologist, Dr. Prakash Ugale is available to provide comprehensive and compassionate care at Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital in Nashik.

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