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Dr. Priyanka Patwardhan

Dr. Priyanka Patwardhan

Consultant Dentist


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Dr. Priyanka Patwardhan brings over 15 years of dedicated experience to the field of dentistry, serving as a respected practitioner in Pune. With a fervent commitment to patient education, she advocates for the importance of oral hygiene. Her expertise spans across diverse demographics, from children to adults, including those with dental anxiety or concurrent medical conditions. Continuously devoted to refining her skills, Dr. Patwardhan remains abreast of cutting-edge techniques to ensure the highest standard of care for her patients.

Graduating from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in Nashik and obtaining her masters in oral and maxillofacial surgery from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bangalore, she has undergone extensive training. Dr. Patwardhan actively participates in workshops and conferences focused on maxillofacial surgery, enriching her knowledge base. Proficient in both basic and advanced dental implantology, her specialties encompass a wide range of services, including dental implants, tooth extractions, surgical removal of wisdom teeth, advanced root canal treatments, crowns and bridges, removal and fixed dentures, and correction of mal-aligned teeth.

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