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Sr Medical Oncologist and Director Oncology Dept

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MBBS, MD (Oncology)
Sr Medical Oncologist and Director Oncology Dept

Available at Hadapsar unit full time from Monday to Saturday 10AM-4PM

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About Doctor

Dr. Shona Nag is one of Pune’s best breast cancer specialists and a leading medical oncologist. She is known for her work in women’s health especially that for breast cancer and cervical cancer. She has over 27 years of experience and has made it her mission to encourage everyone to understand cancer better, especially women. As the Director, Oncology at Sahyadri Group of Hospitals in Pune, Dr. Shona Nag has been instrumental in helping patients navigate cancer better.

She was 10 when she decided that she wants to be a doctor. After completing her school, she studied medicine at Pune’s BJ Medical College. She followed that by an oncology fellowship at Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. One of Pune’s best breast cancer specialists and leading medical oncologist,.Dr. Shona Nag believes that breast cancer is a social issue that deserves attention and quick treatment.

She is cervical cancer and ovarian cancer specialist and is known as the Best Oncologist in India. Currently, she is the director of the Oncology Department at Sahyadri Group of Hospitals, Pune. In the past, she was the Chairman of MOG (Maharashtra Oncology Group).

In the present, she is looking at pushing for new facilities and better care for breast cancer patients. Be it via launching the First Breast Care Unit in Pune in 2016, or a fully equipped day-care for chemotherapy or even being the first hospital to receive the scalp cooling machine. Dr. Shona Nag has also converted the Nag Foundation set up by her mother-in-law Surabhi Nag into one focused on cancer treatment, prevention, and care. Dr. Shona Nag has also been rewarded for her research in cancer. She has received the ISCR award in 2010 for the best research site and the GSK-ERI award for ethnic research in breast cancer.

Available At…

  • Deccan Gymkhana – Pune
  • Nagar Road – Pune
  • Hadapsar – Pune

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Nagar Road – Pune

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
11am – 1pm

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