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      Dr. Sanjay Kolte

      General Surgeon

      Consultant Laparoscopy and Bariatric Surgeon, Sahyadri Hospitals Dr. Sanjay Kolte is an experienced Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon.

      13+ Years of experience

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      Dr. Jaysingh Shinde

      General Surgery

      Dr. Jaysingh Shinde is one of the best Laparoscopic, Endoscopic, Gastro-Intestinal & General Surgeon In Pune and has experience of 35 years in these fields.

      35+ Years of experience

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      Dr. S. P. Singh

      General Surgery

      Dr. S.P Singh is an experienced Consultant General Surgeon at Sahyadri Hospitals. His area of expertise are General & Laparoscopic Surgery and Gastro internal Surgery.

      17+ Years of experience

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      Dr. Shama Surve

      General Surgery

      Dr. Shama Surve is a Consultant General Surgeon at Sahyadri Hospitals. Her area of expertise is General & Laparoscopic Surgery and Breast.

      14+ Years of experience

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      Dr. Phulchand Pujari

      General Surgery

      Dr. Phulchand Pujari is a Consultant General Surgeon at Sahyadri Hospitals, Pune, and has experience of 15 years in this field. His area of expertise is General Surgery.

      15+ Years of experience

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      Gallstones Overview

      What is the best treatment for gallstones?

      The treatment for gallstones depends upon its symptoms and diagnosing reports. If you experience major symptoms like intensifying pain, you need to consult a gallstone doctor to begin the diagnosing procedure. Gallstone treatment might include medications to break and dissolve stones in the bladder. Also, a cholecystectomy, a surgery to remove a gallbladder, can be required in severe cases. At Sahyadri Hospital, our gallstone specialist provides an accurate diagnosis to suggest the best treatment for you. We provide minimally invasive laser surgery to treat gallstones.

      What are benefits of laparoscopic gallstone surgery?

      The best treatment for gallstones in pune is a laparoscopic surgery. During this, the gallstone expert makes a small incision and removes stones by looking into a TV monitor. It is a painless, safe and quick procedure that doesn’t leave major scars and requires less hospatalisation.

      What are the main causes of gallstones?

      There are no clear causes of gallstones to date. However, doctors suggest that some changes in the bile functions can lead to gallstones. So, an excess of bilirubin, cholesterol and not too enough bile salts can result in hard deposits. Moreover, if your bladder doesn’t get empty completely, it might also result in gallstones. If you are experiencing any such symptoms, consult an expert immediately. You can also consult a gallstone doctor to understand the causes and risk factors of gallstones to prevent them.

      Which is the best gallstone clinic or hospital in Pune?

      Best Hospital has to have advanced medical technology, highly trained staff & state of the art infra. Sahyadri Hospital is most sought after gallstone clinic & hospital in Pune. We have most experienced gallstone surgeons & specialists in Pune with most advanced medical technology such as laparoscopic cholecystectomy. We have highly trained paramedical staff along with easily accessible to hospital location. Also, we have Easy EMI option. Book an appointment with our gastrointestinal surgeons (G.I. surgeons) and start your treatment.

      Patient Feedback

      Patient Feedbacks are little doses of motivation that keeps us moving every day. Some of them are:

      Extremely happy with the services provided by the hospital. The complete team of doctors and staff was extremely helpful and cooperative. Food quality provided to the patient was also good and as per the patients requirement.

      Amit Jadhav

      Pune, India

      One of the top corporate hospitals in Nashik. Their rates are pretty economic compared to other corporate hospitals. Doctors available at Sahyadri hospitals are very much aware of latest technologies of health care industry

      Virag Sanghavi

      Nashik, India

      Great facilities, good consultants and co-operative staff a full-on combination for the patients and his family. It only treats the ill patients but also provides support to the family members who are going through the tough times during their illness.

      Dhanashree Gadekar

      Pune, India

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      Gallstones Treatment FAQs

      Here are the frequently asked questions about gallstones that our patients mostly ask in the OPD.

      What are gallstones?
      Gallstones are stone-like deposits that develop in the gallbladder; a small organ present under the liver. They can vary in size and are also found in bile ducts. Gallstones form when the bile contains excess bilirubin or cholesterol and not enough bile salts. If not treated or managed on time, it can cause complications like inflammation, blockage or cancer. If you experience symptoms like abdominal pain, back pain, and nausea, consult a gallstone specialist immediately. At Sahyadri Hospital, the gallstone specialist will diagnose the size and location of the gallstones and suggest a best treatment accordingly.
      Can gallstones go away on their own?
      In most severe cases, you might need surgery to remove your gallbladder. In other cases, doctors might suggest other gallstone treatments like medications to dissolve gallstones. If you have gallstones, book an appointment at Sahyadri Hospital and get a gallstone treatment immediately.
      Can gallstones grow bigger?

      Yes, if not treated on time, gallstones can grow in size and cause further complications. It can result in Acute cholecystitis, Pancreatitis, Acute cholangitis, Jaundice, etc. If you experience any gallstone symptoms, consult a gallstone doctor immediately. As the treatment depends upon the size, it is always a good idea to consult an expert on time. Do not ignore any kind of symptoms and talk to an expert immediately.

      What to add and avoid in gallstone diet?

      To keep your gallbladder healthy and prevent gallstones, eat a diet high in fibers. You can include fruits and vegetables, beans, healthy fats and whole grains. Also, avoid sugary foods, fried foods, refined carbs, etc. to take care of your bladder. If you want to know the detailed diet to prevent gallstones, consult our most experienced gallstone doctor. They will give you a proper diet plan that will include all the food items to add and avoid.

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