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  Sahyadri Hospital

Health Insurance

Sahyadri has designed a range of health screening packages, tailor-made to suit the needs of each individual.

Packages vary according to age, gender and risk factors.

Sahyadri has tied up with a wide group of corporate firms and offers very cost effective, comprehensive, customized and value-added packages that include extensive counseling and lifestyle management apart from investigation and screening tests.

Healthy employees contribute to a healthy business. The healthcare delivery radiology in Sahyadri group of hospitals is specially designed to suit employee needs. We have a multi-location presence in Pune and we are also establishing our network in other cities of Maharashtra like Navi Mumbai, Nashik & Karad giving your employees an access to their healthcare needs at the center which is most convenient to them. We offer a wide range of products and radiology to suit your company’s needs.

Our radiology address the wide spectrum of health issues most companies face, and we offer customized Health Check-up Programs for specific industries. A food service company may be concerned about foodborne illness; while an industrial plant may worry about blood-borne pathogen exposures and a transportation firm may need to audit driver qualifications.

Each Health Check-up is designed to make your workplace healthier and to give you a single resource for all of your occupational health requirements across all of our hospitals.


If your health package is to be paid by your company, please ensure that you bring a signed letter from your company clearly accepting responsibility for all medical treatment and giving an undertaking to settling the bill. The hospital will provide treatment in the ward specified by your company. Any deviations from the instructions will be billed directly to you with information about the company.

Patients who are availing Third Party Administrators (TPA) facility are requested to enquire about their sanctioned amount on the day of their admission, from the TPA desk. You are requested to obtain the authorization from the TPA. The hospital will only act as a facilitator in such a situation. A security deposit is payable before admission even for cashless authorized patients to cater for disallowed billing.

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