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Course We Provide

We at Sahyadri Hospital, on behalf of the cancer centre, have designed a special module
for you on “The Basics of Cancer Care”.

Radiation Therapy Overview

Radiation पहले discover हुआ था Xray के mode पे by Wilhelm Röntgen जिन्होंने Xray को discover किया था। उन्होंने एक tumor (basal cell carcinoma जो skin पे होता है) को treat किया था, way back in 1899. ऊके बाद उसकी dicovery होती गयी की radiation का उपयोग कहा-कहा होता है।

Dr. Sanjay M H

Radiation Oncologist

Epidemiology Of Cancer

There is very less data about cancer in India, and as we go ahead with our journey in the treatment of cancer, we are day by day generating new and improved data outcomes for cancer and its treatment in India.

Dr. Joy Ghose

Surgical Oncologist

Basics Of PET/CT

To begin with, PET/CT scan is a nuclear imaging modality known as a hybrid imaging modality. It consists of functional imaging, i.e., the PET part, and anatomical imaging, i.e., the CT part.

Dr. Ajinkya Bakare

Consultant Nuclear Medicine

Psychosocial Impact Of Cancer

Why is cancer treated so differently than other diseases like diabetes, cardiac problems, or osteoarthritis? This happens because of the misconceptions or stigma surrounding the diagnosis of cancer, and these misconceptions are primarily the reasons why people have so much psychological distress.

Ms. Rebecca D’souza

Clinical Psychologist

Basics Of Chemotherapy

The first chemotherapeutic agent developed was mustard gas in 1943 by Goodman and Gilman- Two pharmacologists from Yale School of Medicine.

Dr. Shriniwas Kulkarni

Medical Oncologist And Haematologist

Cancer Care In General Practice

Chemotherapy is an integral part of cancer treatment. The type of chemotherapy varies from low intensity to high intensity.

Dr Rahul S. Kulkarni

Medical Oncologist And Haematologist

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Benefits Of This Course

This module shall empower you to manage cancer patients well in your clinic.

This forum will help physicians to upgrade their knowledge.

As Physicians may be the first point of contact for patients, if any patient depicts any possible symptoms of cancer, the physician can guide him/her regarding early detection and screening option.

With this knowledge, the physician will be able to translate and explain information given by the oncologist.

This knowledge will also help while assisting the patients with regards to communicating with specialists.

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