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No COVID fear with proper precautions

Patients overcoming fear of contracting virus, started addressing their other Health issues & getting back to life!!

At a time when the entire world was drift with fear of Corona virus and related Covid treatment taking center stage in most of the healthcare infrastructure facilities many patients feared contracting the virus and this had an adverse effect on the continuity of ongoing treatments as well as new treatment. But contrary to this perception Sahyadri Hospitals has clocked more than 5000 surgeries across 8 of its units during the period from April to September 2020..

This covered General Surgery/ Obstetrics & Gynaecology /Orthopedics/ Cardio Thoracic Surgery /Cardiac Angiographies & Angioplasties/ Liver Transplant/ Oncology and many other Specialities.

This was possible due to stringent and rigorous measures that were undertaken by the hospitals and communicating this to the people at large. It was necessary to overcome fear of Covid & infuse confidence in the patients seeking new treatment as well as those coming for regular treatments. The engagement to increase confidence in the people was done at various levels from Digital engagements to physical/ face to face counselling when they came to hospitals. The major hindrance was to remove the fear in them and the figures reflect that we were successful in doing that. This will go a long way in well-being of patients as timely treatment will mean no or lesser complications in the future.

Safe OPD & IPD areas

In an attempt to make our OPDs COVID Safe , all patients and visitors are screened at entrance. Strict protocols to maintain Social distancing in all areas are followed. We have a dedicated Flu OPD to screen and triage patients with symptoms of Flu, cold, breathlessness etc, so that they could be directed for proper treatments, and movement to other Hospital areas are curtailed. We have ensured Safe COVID testing Facilities in our NABL & ICMR accredited Lab. We have implemented strict protocols for Segregation & Isolation for COVID suspected/ COVID Positive Patients and ensured separate, dedicated IPD areas for our Non- COVID patients, Surgery as well Delivery Patients. At the same time, we maintain highest standards of hygiene & conduct extensive disinfection after every discharged patient.

The result was that our team of doctors performs as many as 19 transplants including one heart transplant which was the first in Pune during pandemics. Apart from this many critical procedures including those related to neurology, neuro surgery, chest and pulmonology, orthopedics, spine etc were performed with skills, precision and enhanced measures in place

In this times of uncertainty, here’s one thing you can always bank on safety & wellness. We, at Sahyadri Hospitals follow international safety guidelines, strict protocols & ensure maximum possible precautions with minimum possible risks. #SafeSahyadri #PuttingHealthFirst

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