It caters to the imaging modalities i.e. X-Ray, Ultrasonography (USG) & Colour Doppler, TMT, 2 D Echo.

These are of immense importance for indirect visualization of internal body organs and diagnosis of various diseases. Department of Radiology has the state of art equipments

USG & CD (Ultrasonography & Colour Doppler)

radiology-USG-machineSiemens Sonoline G50, Philips HD 5, GE It is helpful in diagnosing the diseases involving the solid organs of the body, soft tissues as well as to evaluate the venous and arterial flow. Most commonly used modality in pregnancy for fetal monitoring and complications. We do 150-180 cases per day.


Siemens 300mA with Image Intensifier & CR System (Computerized Radiography). X-Ray is helpful diagnosing various lung diseases as well as bony and joint evaluation. Various procedures are performed for Gastro intestinal tract and renal system. We do about 3000 cases per month as routine and package tests. Multi loader CR System - CR Fuji System reduces the radiation dose to the patient and radiographer.