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  Sahyadri Hospital


Journey of Fifty five days with the NICU / PW team

Treatment : Surgery Patient Name :Mr. Khare

The Journey of 55 days with the NICU / PW team was full of enourmous ups – and – downs. IT was so difficult at times to console ourselfs after knowing about the health complications of our baby. However, you never let us loose our hopes and always inspired us to maintain the same level of hopes and trust inspite of whatever the situation be the way you have nurtured our baby and lead to the day when we can carry our dream to our home is life time moment for us. THANK YOU is a very small word to express our gratitude to you all; in fact its difficult to express our gratitude in words.

Dr. Mandke the way you treated our child throughout and always held our hopes high…

Dr. Prashant the expert advise you suggested whenever the situation served to be critical..

Dr. Archana the smile and guidance you always bestowed from the first day itself…

Dr. Manish, Dr. Atul, Dr. Gajanan, Dr. Megha, Dr. Ujjwala the way you have taken care of our baby specialy during night hours… Sister Sashikala the positive attitude, consolation hopes and co-operation you have shares with us always…

All the sisters of NICU, each and eveyone and all the staff of NICU…

Baby of Supriya Pillai

To whomsoever it may concern, I, Namas extremely happy to write this vote of thanks and appreciation to the “NICU” department of Sahyadri hospital, Nagar road, Pune.

It is amazing to know and experience, the entire NICU crew, Doctor’s, Nursing, Security guards, housekeeping are very well qualified, focussed and doing their best as “One Team”.

This best team lead by the best Captain Dr. Sunil Gavani, very well supported and guided by the Vetaran’s Dr. Umesh Vaidya and Dr. Surya Vamshi making this department best of best. Dr. Zaliullah, Dr. Nilesh, Dr. Ravi, Dr. Prakash being part of this best team.

The love and care of the nursing crew given to the babies are out of the blue… They are awesome in what they are doing “At some point I started thinking bacause of their love, care and affection and charmness our baby is not willing to come home – Ha ha ha !”


I, Mrs Supriya Pillai and Master Sai Nath thanking from bottom of our heart and wishing a great Success in each one of career and family life.


Total Knee Replacement

Treatment : Surgery Patient Name :Sajjan Devi

How can I express my appreciation & gratitude for all your gifted skillful care & talent. As a team you brought hope & encouragement back into my life. My feet were totally deformed. I had given up the hope of walking again. I met with Dr. Sushrut Badve at Sahyadri specialty Hospital. After x-rays and examination it was concluded that total knee replacement was the proper procedure.

“The thought of being able to resume my routine kept me going. Dr. Badve & his team helped me stay committed to physical therapy and daily knee exercise to regain my strength. “.Now I am not only pain free but my legs are as straight as they were in my youth”.

I thank Sahyadri from the bottom of my heart to have made a remarkable difference to my life. Sahyadri Speciality hospital is by far one of the most professional, friendly, pleasant & lovely environments, I have ever been. Your support & honestly has been tremendously touching & healing. Your staff is alert, skilful, and sensitive & you have made me feel the most welcome & fortunate patient.

Even though I know you endure stressful days, I don’t feel it, in fact you make me feel very much at ease & assured. I am fortunate to have found you.

Total Hip Replacement

Treatment : Surgery Patient Name :Rani Ukride

At 23, facing a total hip replacement seemed ridiculous!.Dr Badve agreed but also knew how much pain I was in, the limited mobility I had & the quality of life was missing. Most importantly I couldn’t think of pregnancy during that time.

I underwent total hip replacement in 2010.Now I am looking forward to being an active mom to my kid. Six years prior to the surgery, I was battling pain & nearly crippled. I had been in significant pain through my teenage & was nearly crippled before I decided to undergo THR.I eventually went to see Dr Badve on the advice of a friend who had had successful hip replacement done by him. Many thanks to Dr Badve & everyone at Sahyadri Speciality Hospital.

Sujai Shinde

Treatment : Surgery Patient Name :Sujai Shinde

A 27 year old youth, a cricket enthusiast, full of life, was left almost immobile by an accident. His normal routine was affected due to restricted leg movement. He underwent tests to check for any abnormality in his legs. All his reports were normal leaving him clueless about his condition. He was put on medication, tried other disciplines of medicine, nothing got him results. He unwillingly stopped playing cricket. He was determined to get to the root cause of the problem. It had been almost 2 yrs since his accident. He was referred Sahyadri hospital & met Dr Badve.Now the solution seemed in sight. Dr Badve suggested THR.

He was successfully operated & is looking forward to playing long innings in life.

Hemiarthroplasty with cemented bipolar replacement

Treatment : Surgery Patient Name :-

95 years old male patient with committed intertrochanteric # right hip with severe osteoporosis operated with Hemiarthroplasty with cemented bipolar replacement under epidural anaesthesia 4 months before.patient went home walking.

Patient was readmitted 3 weeks before with history of fall and diagnosed as a # neck femur left side treated operatively with hemiarthroplasty cemented bipolar replacement under epidural anaesthesia. Patient went home without any complications.

Thanks to Sahyadri Hospital Hadapsar medical management, hospital staff ,OT staff and my doctor friends for managing such a difficult case successfully.

Coronary by-pass surgery

Treatment : Coronary by-pass surgery Patient Name :Dr. V.N. Karandikar

I, Dr. V.N. Karandikar , Director of Health Sciences, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Deemed University, Pune.

I, have undergone coronary by-pass surgery at Sahyadri Hospital on 14th August 2010.From admission to discharge it was a unique and heart warming experience. Due to my profession and our institute running our own hospitals I was naturally very professional and comparative in my observations.

I must put of record the humane and sympathetic treatment which I received from every first contact persons of the hospital to highest of the official. This I could see as a uniform policy. This speaks volumes of hospitals administrative control and hospitals policy to make all out efforts for patients welfare as a team specially the employment of handicapped persons for stationary jobs was very touching and an example in itself. I am all praise for Mr. Nitin Desai, Dr. Charudatta Apte and all the team of Sahyadri Hospital for this success.

I have no words to express the mastery skill and expertise of Dr. Ranjit Jagtap and his team, Dr. Mohan Swami and his anesthetic team and Dr. Suneel Sathe and his group.

Dr. Ranjit Jagtap is a gift of God to humanity to alleviate their suffering. LI – my new lease of life to him.

Every hospital has its unique problem. My first reaction on entering hospital was how this hospital can do justice to so many patients in such a small place. I must admit Sahyadri hospital has overcome this difficult with conscious effects and efficiency.

In conclusion I – on record that Sahyadri Superspeciality Hospital is giving accessible and efficient service to patients and is proving true to its objective.

I wish all the success , growth and development to Sahyadri Superspeciality Hospital give them my best wishes.

Sumit Rekhi

Treatment : Surgery Patient Name : Sumit Rekhi

My son was born with a congenital defect where his trachea (windpipe) & esophagus (food pipe) were joined to each other thus causing respiratory complications. To add to it the baby’s birth was pre- matured, hence unable to breathe on its own.

Our baby was shifted to Sahyadri Hospital’s NICU & the mother was still in the hospital, where the baby was delivered. I were assured & reassured by sister Shashi that the baby would be well taken care of by pediatrician, Dr N.G. Kanade.. Our baby was on ventilator & had many complications. And finally after 49 days of relentless efforts on the part of the doctors our baby weighed 1600 gms & after 51 days of stay in the hospital we took our bundle of joy home.

We will always be indebted to the efforts of Dr. N. G. Kanade, Dr Shalaka, Dr Sacchin, Dr. Amar, Dr. Mandke, Nurses Shashikala, Sherin, Vanita, Nisha, Lalita & all the staff & MPWA of Sahyadri Hospitals.

Rashmi Chitnis

Treatment : Surgery Patient Name : Rashmi Chitnis

On 2nd May 2008, I delivered a 26 week baby weighing 840gms through a ‘C-section. The baby had an early calcification of placenta (improper blood supply to baby, resulting in growth retardation of foetus)

Our baby was shifted to NICU at Sahyadri hospital & Dr.N.G.Kanade told us that it was a long and tough battle.

Our baby was on ventilator & oxygen and was fed through tubes. Our baby went through a lot of complications & finally on the 7th July, we brought our baby home. Our baby, whom we have named Dhruv, is now in play group.

We are extremely grateful to Dr. Jayashree Sabnis, Dr. Mandke, Dr. Kanade, Dr. Anshu Sethi, nurses, Shashi, Sonia & Khanwilkar & the entire MPWA staff, because of whose unrelenting efforts, care & the perfect clinical diagnosis we could tale our baby safely home.