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What Are the Causes and Treatment of Cancer in Women?

Cancer is the denomination for a category of more than 100 diseases. In these diseases, cells initiate to grow uncontrollably. Later, they diffuse into adjacent tissues. Due to this, different cells encounter different patterns of genetic changes. These changes cause severe impairment to the immune system.

Nowadays, it has been noticed that females are more prone to cancer due to various reasons. Stress, eating unhealthy foods, improper exercise, and obesity are very common in young women. Earlier, cervical cancer was more common in women, but now due to a clean and healthy living style the rate of cervical cancer in women has decreased.

Causes of Cancer

Research has referred medical practitioners to bout some common causes for initiating Cancer. These are –

  • Obesity– It is a major cause of developing cancer in young women. Rise in obesity may lead to breast cancer, uterus cancer, and ovarian cancer in women.
  • Ionizing radiation – This radiation generates from Sunlight. It consists of UV rays, Uranium, and Radon. It also emits from, X-ray, alpha, gamma, and beta-releasing sources.
  • Exposures to toxic or chemical compounds – Compounds that contain Cadmium, Nickel, Asbestos, Benzene – are known as Carcinogenic compounds. Cigarettes that contain Tobacco, are another potential Carcinogenic compound.
  • Genetic:  Research data often link Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Skin Cancer, Melanoma and Prostate Cancer, etc to human genes.
  • Pathogens – Probable Pathogenic agents are – Schistosoma, HPV or Human papillomavirus, Helicobacter pylori, Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), etc.

    The main seven forms of Cancer in women are

    There are various types of cancers but the most common types in women are as follows.

    • Breast cancer
    • Cervical cancer
    • Ovarian cancer
    • Skin cancer
    • Colorectal cancer
    • Endometrial cancer
    • Lung cancer

    Treatments of Cancer

    Oncologists initiate Cancer treatment based on the category of Cancer. Also, it depends on the stage of the disease. Doctors may treat a patient both diagnostically and clinically at the same time. In that case, they must have removed the entire cancerous tissue during surgery.

    Most women are afraid of getting treated but treatment on the other hand is very necessary for leading a better life in the near future. After the age of 20, women should go for a Clinical Breast Examination every year.

    Self-Breast Examination can be conducted at home once a month after 8 days from the date of your menstruation. You may take help of a gynecologist or you can also refer to Google to conduct this examination yourself.

    Women above the age of 40, must go for mammography once a year. It is just a 5 minutes test and has a curable rate of 95%.

    Pap Smear Test must be done by every woman above the age of 20. This test is usually done once in 3 years and takes just 15 mins. This is not a complicated test and is very much cost-effective.

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      Types of Cancer treatment

      Many techniques and drugs are accessible to treat cancer. Researchers are examining many more. “Local” treatments are utilized to treat a particular tumor or area of the human body. These include – radiation therapy and surgery. “Systematic” treatment is used to address a large portion of the body. These treatments include – immunotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.

      Some most known types of Cancer treatment are –

      1. Surgical Modalities or Surgery: Surgery has been used as a treatment for cancer for many years. It plays an eminent role in identifying the type of cancer. It also helps to determine the amount of its spread.  Surgical oncologists generally practice these modalities.
      2. Chemotherapy by Medical Oncologists – Medical oncologists provide Chemotherapy. They do this treatment by prescribing oral tablets. Additionally, they may suggest chemotherapy using saline.
      3. Radiation Therapy – It is the most common technique to treat Cancer. It can be used singly or with other procedures. Irradiation uses high-energy waves, for instance, X-rays, electron beams, gamma rays, etc. As a result, these rays help to destroy the cancer cells.

      People often pursue a conception that it’s almost impossible to get rid of Cancer. They also think that Cancer treatment destroys the human body. But, this is not the real case. Nowadays, various sophisticated drugs and treatments are available. Hence, taking necessary Cancer treatments at the right time can increase your chances to live long.

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