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What Causes Eye Injuries and How to Treat Them?

Eye injury is a common issue that may occur for any cause and moment. This disorder is not always harmful, but it may cause major damage in rare circumstances. An eye injury may occur for a variety of causes. Pain, swelling, redness, and other signs may result.

Some individuals have visual changes or witness flashes of light. Serious eye injuries might result in permanent visual loss. A major eye injury should be treated as an emergency and taken to the specialist as soon as possible.

Where can an eye injury occur?

The cornea is the clear front component of the eye; it is a translucent lens-like glass with a pearl dot behind it when there is an injury. Behind the lens, there lies a fluid called vitreous. Vitreous hemorrhage occurs when blood leaks from the lens due to an injury.

The retina is the curtain that covers the back of your eyes. The retina may rip entirely, causing a retina tear, or it may shift from place to place due to the damage.

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    The following are some more prevalent causes of eye injuries:

    • Sports: Baseballs, tennis balls, and volleyballs may all cause injuries. Eye injuries are very common in contact sports, like an elbow hit on the face during a basketball game.
    • Accidents: Eye injuries may result from various causes, including trauma from sharp objects, blunt force, and falls. Grease splatters when cooking or chemical exposure while cleaning the house might cause eye injury. Eye injuries are frequent in car accidents.
    • Workplace risks: Workers who deal with chemicals, lasers, or other irritants are more prone to an eye injury.


    Whenever a patient has an eye injury, the physicians examine him to discover whether his eye is ripped or not. Many individuals have their eyes ruptured because of a gunshot, knife, or other sharp instruments.

    When this occurs, all of the life within the eye begins to come out, and the patient should be sent to the hospital as soon as possible.

    The doctor sutures it up first after examining the fat eye when this kind of injury happens. It doesn’t seem to be quite correct. The eye is re-examined after 8-10 days to assess what has occurred to the eye due to the damage.

    If you or your kid has had an eye injury, get medical attention straight once. The nature and degree of the eye damage determine the treatment.

    What to do if you have an eye injury?

    If you suffer an eye injury, get help from your eye care professional.

    Most eye physicians provide emergency contact numbers for accidents that occur during regular business hours or on weekends.

    In certain severe cases, such as a penetrating eye injury or an eye knocked out of its socket, it may be preferable to go to the hospital right away rather than wasting time trying to contact someone.

    Whether you’re seeing a doctor, let them know if you use contact lenses so they can tell you whether to keep them in or take them out.

    The doctor may instruct you to cleanse your eye with water or saline solution, depending on the nature of the damage. In more extreme cases, surgery may be required.

    All eye injuries should be seen as potential emergencies, and you should call or visit an eye doctor as soon as possible.


    Anyone may sustain an eye injury at any moment, so take measures and use protective eyewear. Do not massage your or your child’s eye if it is injured.

    Never attempt to get a sharp item out of your eye or the region surrounding it. Some eye injuries might result in irreversible vision loss; get medical attention as soon as possible.

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