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4 Major Advances in Brain Surgery

1. Improvements In Neurosurgical Microscopes :

These microscopes give amazing illumination to the depths of brains. The magnification helps in checking the structures which we were not able to see before. The microscope helps to see the blood vessels in action.

When the doctors inject the specific dye called ICG ( indocyanine green ). This dye is seen under specific filters of modern neuro microscopes. It helps to prevent injury to important blood vessels.

Another improvement which is coming very rapidly is certain chemicals which can be injected at the time of surgery. They are seen in different colours in specific filters when seen in the tumor. This helps to assure that the brain tumor has been resected completely.

Another advantage of neuro microscope can be integrated with neuronavigation. Neuronavigation means set of computer-assisted technologies used by neurosurgeons to guide or “navigate” within the confines of the skull or vertebral column during surgery.

2. Neuronavigation

As said earlier leading to pathology without causing any problems. When you are operating on a brain tumor sometimes doctors can get lost, so this device helps with that.

3. Brain Endoscopes

Specific brain tumors are located inside the ventricular system. This can be removed through a small 1 cm diameter hole with a modern endoscope for example colloid brain cyst can be extracted using brain endoscopes. All tumor surgeries cannot be treated with this technology. Another advantage this technology has is they help in mapping the brain during surgery.

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    4. CUSA (Cavitron & Ultrasonic surgical aspirator )

    It separates the tumor cells without causing any pull to surround areas of the brain and preserving the blood vessels in the tumor.

    These advanced technologies are helping humankind and neurologists to resect the tumor safely and saving people’s lives. The only thing which is important is diagnosing these tumors and taking appropriate treatment.

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