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Things You Should Know if Your Baby Swallows an Object

It is usually seen, that small babies put or swallows anything in their mouth which is also called mouthing. Although, putting an object inside the mouth and swallowing is different. Whether these are abnormal or normal it’s what you have to know and how to prevent it.

However, you must also know the complications and treatment regarding these cases.

What is mouthing?

Mouthing is part of the sensory exploration of the taste, touch, and smell of an object that is usually done by newborn babies. This behavior helps in developing of oral motor skills of your baby which also helps in eating and speech production.

Moreover, it also gives comfort to your baby and is a way of exploring an object. As a result, mouthing is a very normal and common phenomenon.

On the other hand, some babies pick up and swallow an object while playing. This is a quite abnormal phenomenon which is also known as PICA. It is referred to as OCD related to eating non-food items.

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    Things that is considerably abnormal to eat

    There are several things that a baby is eating are abnormal. Here are the few things that a newborn baby eats and are abnormal:

    • Earth or sand
    • Board chalk
    • Pencil leads
    • Wall scrapings
    • Wood or iron

    However, swallowing wood and iron are very rare cases, but the most common things that your baby can swallow are earth or sand and wall scrapings.

    Although, it is quite hard to answer as to why babies eat or swallow these things. But usually, if vitamins or nutrients or food is deficient, then your baby ends up eating these things.

    Probable risk and complications

    If your baby is eating or swallowing any abnormal thing then it may result in certain complications. If your baby is eating mud or sand, it may contain many impurities or parasites that will cause harm to your baby’s health. Also, iron objects can cause infections in your baby’s stomach if he or she eats them.

    However, certain ways help you in preventing these cases:

    • Balanced diet – Make sure you feed your baby with a balanced diet filled with vitamins and nutrients.
    • Personal attention – You must always stay attentive and cautious about your child. Make sure that your child does not pick up anything abnormal and start eating it.
    • Medication – There are few medications that you need to give to your baby. These medications will help in preventing any kinds of stomach infections.


    If you observe any of the above abnormal behavior, make sure you give extra attention and supervision to your baby. Make sure that you keep your baby away from these abnormal things or the environment. Last but not the least, do not forget to give supplements to your baby like iron supplements.

    If your baby’s growth, feeding, and all other things are normal, but still does these abnormal things, then a little bit of care or attention will prevent it.

    On the other hand, if your baby is abnormal then certain complexities may arise. If he or she has improper growth, deficiency in vitamins and nutrients, anemia, then your baby will require special treatments.

    What to do in the case of specially-abled babies or children?

    If your baby is specially-able or has ASD, then he or she will require special care and attention. Specially abled babies or children will have a separate treatment. 

    However, if your baby chews hair, that is quite normal. But if he or she is pulling the hair and is eating it then it is consider to be abnormal. In this case, he will need psychological support.


    So, in the above context, it is said that if your baby is chewing anything, it is considerably normal. But if your baby is eating or swallowing it, it is quite abnormal. However, all these cases are preventable with specific treatments along with care and attention.

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