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Doctor’s guidance can save life

Doctor’s guidance can save life

Every new day comes with a new set of challenges. While health is one of the most important parts of our lifestyle, it is the community of doctors that are regarded as our true companions to lead a better life. Recently, when I heard about the cases on attacks on doctors, social media was flooded with opinions and messages regarding their experiences with doctors. In the light of this incident, I felt the urge to write this article and share my experience.

The incident occurred when a family member was suffering from multiple disorders and ailments and had to be hospitalized. Suffering from a high fever due to underlying valvular heart problems and infection of the valves of the heart (Infective Endocarditis) my brother in law required immediate medical attention and was admitted into Sahyadri Hospital on Karve Road. He underwent surgery and recovered within a month. However, the same would have not been possible if it were not for the guidance of the doctors at Sahyadri Hospitals.

My uncle required various medicines, blood transfusions and medicines to maintain his blood pressure for the infection and the heavy antibiotics which were prescribed for the heart affected his kidneys. The need of the hour was appropriate guidance and it was only under Dr. Rashida Melinkeri, Physician & Cholesterol Specialist at Sahyadri Hospitals, that we were able to control further damage. Dr. Melinkeri not only treated my brother in law, but gave us new hope.

We were very happy with the treatment given at Sahyadri Hospitals. Due to our financial constraints we shifted to Sassoon General Hospital, we were in constant touch with our doctors who supported our decision. He required ventilator support, dialysis and underwent valve replacement surgery by Dr. Nityanand Thakur and to worsen the situation, he even developed pneumonia while on the ventilator. However, we continued to seek advice and received constant support from Dr. Melinkeri. She never declined to help us at any time of the day.

It is very easy for us to blame doctors for their negligence and misbehave with them, but we have seen doctors put their immense efforts in curing patients and bringing them back from their deathbeds. Many times, the patients often visit hospitals in critical conditions and experienced doctors perform miracles quite often. They do try their best to help patients, even in critical conditions. As a responsible citizen, we all should respect their work and co-operate with them. Lifesaving is their first and only priority but things sometimes go beyond their control for which they should not be blamed or assaulted. I am grateful to the doctors of both Sahyadri and Sassoon Hospital for standing with us and guiding us through our difficult times.

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