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Sahyadri Hospital Department of Plastic surgery and Dermatology provides a comprehensive treatment option to all its patients, including cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery. We focus on the broad category of plastic surgery and not only aesthetic surgery. Our department is renowned for its wide array of skin treatment options and we take pride in providing the best diagnosis and treatment option for all the patients.

Our hospital’s plastic surgeon team has received specialized training to provide services like cleft lip and palate, correction of post-traumatic problems, and post-surgical reconstruction. We have a team of skillful dermatologists who carry out various processes for treating general skin diseases as well as severe skin disorders.

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Conditions We Treat

The Department of Dermatology at Sahyadri Hospital offers the best quality, extensive treatment for all skin diseases. Here are some of the common skin concerns:


Acne occurs when hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells, and it appears on the face, neck, shoulder, and upper back. The treatment aims to reduce swelling, oil production and bacterial infection followed by skin regeneration. Topical products help treat the milder forms of acne, whereas severe forms are treated with micro-abrasion, chemicals peels or laser treatment.

Age spots:

They are flat spots and can appear in black, brown and grey. Commonly seen in areas exposed to the sun, such as the face, hands and shoulder. Although these spots are harmless, for aesthetic concerns, treatments such as laser therapy, dermabrasion and chemical peel can also be opted.


Eczema develops because of reduced production of fats and oil in the skin and lesser water-retaining properties, which reduces moisture. This leads to skin cracks through which irritants can enter and cause itching. Taking precautions, keeping your doctor informed and avoiding the triggering factors can keep eczema in control. 


Impetigo is a type of bacterial infection of the skin that is contagious in nature and can spread by close contact. Treatment mostly includes antibiotic creams or oral medications and following necessary precautions to avoid spreading.


This is a skin condition where you can see patches on the skin because of the loss of color in blotches. It occurs when melanocytes (skin pigment/melanin-producing cells) die or stop functioning. We can treat it with procedures and therapies like phototherapy, depigmentation, topical corticosteroids and skin grafting.


Dermatitis is a skin inflammation caused by skin irritation or allergic reaction. The skin with dermatitis appears red, swollen, and sore. The treatment includes anti-allergy/ antihistamine lotions, soothing creams, and topical or oral antibiotics.

Itchy skin:

This is a consequence of dry skin, which occurs due to lack of moisture, making the skin appear dull, cracked, rough, red and itchy. Use of moisturizer, mild cleansers, ointments containing vitamin E can help reduce and prevent this condition. You can consult your doctor if it persists.


Folliculitis is the inflammation of hair follicles, which are small cavities surrounding the hair roots. Folliculitis is commonly seen in the scalp, armpits, thighs, or neck. Treatment involves a combination of antibiotic creams and oral corticosteroids. For better results, doctors may choose laser or phototherapy.

Basal cell carcinoma:

This is a type of skin cancer that most often develops in areas of skin exposed to the sun. It may appear as a bump on the skin that’s brown or glossy black and has a rolled border. Treatment depends on the tumor’s severity, type, and location, including electrodesiccation, curettage, & cryosurgery.


Melanoma is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in melanocytes (cells that color the skin). Melanomas are treated surgically if detected in the early stages. We can treat it with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and immunotherapy for severe stages.


Psoriasis is a disease caused by an overactive immune response attacking the body’s cells and tissues. It appears as thick, pink to red patches causing the skin to split, rupture, itch, bleed, and flake. Treatment includes a combination of medications like cyclosporines, retinoid gels with Longwave ultraviolet radiation or Photochemotherapy.


Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that appears as a red rash or red pus-filled pimples on the face and may affect the eyes. We can treat it with topical medicines that include metronidazole, vitamin A, benzoyl peroxide and azelaic acid. Surgery or laser therapy may be needed for severe cases.

Services we offer

  • Laser therapy: It works by producing an intense beam of bright light that may treat wrinkles, scars, blood vessel lesions, pigmented lesions, tattoos and unwanted hair.
  • Chemical peels: This is a painless procedure done using alpha hydroxy acids (usually glycolic acid)to improve the appearance of the skin by causing a very mild exfoliation (sloughing) of a portion of the uppermost layer of the skin.  
  • Microdermabrasion/skin polishing involves the combination of a vacuum-like suction and crystals that are sprayed on the skin’s surface, which provides gentle rejuvenation of the skin to produce a refreshed, softer look for patients.
  • Hydrojet therapy for skin rejuvenation: this treatment gently exfoliates your skin, purifying and extracting your pores with a vacuum machine.
  • Dermaroller for acne scars: Dermaroller comes with micro-needles that induce collagen into your skin. After that, high-intensity radiofrequency waves are used to boost collagen production, which heals the acne scars.
  • PRP–for face and scalp: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are a non-surgical treatment often used with other hair loss treatments to stimulate hair growth and rejuvenation
  • Warts, corn, moles, skin tags, removal.
  • Cryotherapy for keloids: Cryotherapy is the most effective and safe procedure that includes the application of extreme cold to treat or destroy keloids. 

We also offer screening tests for our patients to help detect and accurately diagnose severe skin problems and address their issues through our advanced technology, exceptional care, and devoted staff.

Why choose us?

Our department offers the best dermatological treatment, skin treatment and care for all skin types and its diseases. Our hospital is recognized for its expertise & experience in skin treatment. We have the best team of dermatologists in India, dedicated staff to bring a wealth of experience and wide-ranging expertise to all our patients. Patient safety & satiety is our motto, and to ensure that we use the highest safety standards for procedures that address our patients’ concerns and give them the desired results.

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