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Early Intervention can prevent Sepsis complications

Early Intervention can prevent Sepsis complications
Sepsis is a serious condition caused by dysregulated response of the body’s immune system to an infection. This damage the tissues in the body. If left untreated may result in septic shock and dysfunction of various organs. Sepsis in common in old age and can also affect infants .

13 September is observed as ‘World Sepsis Day’ and brings to fore the avoidable circumstances caused due to lack of awareness amongst the people.

A life-threatening disease as it is called, Sepsis can occur due to infections in the lung, urinary tract, gut, skin etc . These infections are caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi.

Symptoms of sepsis

Picking up the symptoms early and treating them can bring down the high mortality rate associated with Sepsis. While our body has infection fighting capabilities, in this case they act against the body itself. Once the tissues are damaged and the condition deteriorates to septic shock, the blood pressure drops significantly and all the organs start getting affected.

Some of the symptoms to watch out for include increased heart rate or rapid breathing, decreased blood pressure , inability to urinate, pale skin, fever, chills, pain, confusion, disorientation. The biggest risk is in the older age group where they might dismiss it as an age-related problem and may give way to complications.

Risk factors

One needs to be alert if the body is not giving response to a treatment for infection or wounds. Especially those who have had ICU admissions, weakened immune systems, diabetics, those with chronic liver or kidney diseases, those with invasive devices used in past treatments should be careful. Obesity , Cancer and inappropriate use of antibiotics are also some of the risk factors for Sepsis.

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    Diagnosis and Treatment

    Once these symptoms are picked up early, the doctor after physical examination may advise or blood and imaging tests post which treatment may include medication, intravenous fluids or sometimes surgery.

    Avoiding Sepsis

    Good hygiene is a paramount importance, whether it is washing hands, keeping ourselves clean or food hygiene. Especially those with weak immune system should avoid close contact with sick people suffering from infections till they recover.

    One should not take any antibiotics without the being advised by the doctor. They should also be taken in correct quantity. If the viruses become resistant, then our body will be left with no weapon. Staying up to date with vaccinations is equally important. One must not dismiss burns , skin wounds or cuts and should also take treatment for possible infections.

    Most of the people with mild sepsis recover. The mortality rate is high with those going into septic shock.

    Although Sepsis is a serious condition, early intervention can save lives and complications.

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