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The Journey to Single Motherhood – Dr. Vaishali Chaudhary

The journey to single motherhood

As the desire to become a mother is a natural one for many women, my heart goes out to those who aspire to motherhood but face challenges in conceiving naturally.

Visiting different doctors and hospitals, they explore various avenues to fulfil their dreams. As a fertility health professional, I have personally witnessed the emotional toll that infertility can have on women and their relationships.

Every woman desires to become a Mom at some point in her life. It’s just natural! 

Infertility affects millions of women worldwide, with around 18% of adult people experiencing fertility issues (1 in 6 people).

Female infertility accounts for up to 50% of cases, and for many women, the path to motherhood is not as straightforward as they would like.

However, advances in medical science have made it possible for women to take control of their fertility and pursue their dreams of motherhood.

While women in developed countries like the US are fighting for their rights to voluntary abortion, India, on the other hand, has allowed single women to have children even without marriage through Assisted Reproductive Techniques like IVF (ART law 2021).

This demonstrates how highly regarded and valued women are in India. However, as more and more women pursue employment and higher education and as they become financially independent in their lives, they occasionally choose to be single since their expectations of the proper partner are simply never reached.

Despite the growing acceptance of solo parenting, single women still confront difficulties. For instance, they might have to balance parental duties on their own and contend with social stigmas.

But many single mothers discover that the benefits of parenthood outweigh the difficulties, enabling them to build happy lives for both themselves and their kids.

In conclusion, single parenthood is becoming more accepted, and there are now more options available for women who want to have children on their own, including IVF, egg freezing, adoption, and sperm donation.

Women should consider all of their alternatives and select the one that is best for them. Single motherhood may be a pleasant and gratifying experience with the correct assistance and resources.

There has been a significant increase in the number of unmarried women in their thirties enquiring about egg freezing at our clinic.

Over the past five years, we have seen a surge in the number of women opting for this procedure, with even unmarried women choosing to freeze their eggs for future use. Out of every hundred patients who visit our clinic for egg freezing, around 13-14 are unmarried women.

Even women doctors in their thirties who are yet to get married are opting for egg freezing, as they understand the importance of preserving their fertility.

The glamour industry is also becoming more aware of this trend, with many celebrities sharing about their decision to freeze their eggs. Many of them have also used also used the IVF method to conceive, as they were unable to give birth naturally.

These examples highlight the growing trend of unmarried women choosing to freeze their eggs, either as a way of ensuring their future fertility or as a backup plan in case they are unable to conceive naturally later in life.

The availability and accessibility of advanced medical procedures such as egg freezing have opened up new possibilities for women who want to take control of their reproductive health and family planning.

How Can a Single Mother have a Baby?

Finding your own reproductive capability by a transvaginal ultrasound and a quick blood test called Anti-muellerian Hormone (AMH) is the first step to achieving reproductive independence.

If you are not yet prepared for marriage or pregnancy right away, the second step is to meet with a fertility consultant with your reports in hand and go over your possibilities for egg freezing.

Egg freezing is option that has revolutionized the way we think about fertility. It has made it possible for women to have children later in life while pursuing their careers and personal goals.

Egg freezing is a safe and effective procedure that involves minimal discomfort and has a high success rate, with a 75% chance of pregnancy when using frozen eggs under the age of 35.

As a fertility specialist, I cannot stress enough the importance of understanding your reproductive health and the options available to you. If you are considering egg freezing, it’s crucial to consult a qualified fertility specialist who can guide you through the process and help you make informed decisions.

By raising awareness about infertility and the options available to women, we can empower more women to take control of their reproductive health and achieve their dreams of motherhood.

So before finalizing who is the right partner for you, take the time to find the right best best ivf doctor in pune who can support you on your journey.

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