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What is Partial Mastectomy?


Partial mastectomy is the removal of cancer cells along with some normal tissue but not in the breast itself. Partial Mastectomy is also known as Lumpectomy.

This is the breast preserving surgery that only removes the cancer cells and tissues without affecting the whole gland. It can be performed in the rim to stop the cancer cell from repeating. 

It also includes the removal of Lymph nodes from arms. It has many names apart from the above mentioned. Some names are Breast-sparing surgery, Quadrantectomy, and Segmental Mastectomy.

Who can get a Partial Mastectomy?

According to research, women with a single tumor that is smaller in size that is less than 5 cm can decide to perform this surgery.

People who are medically prepared to get surgery along with radiation treatment can undergo this type of surgery. This surgery allows the tissue to be removed in a pleasant way so that the breast tissue does not misshapen. 

Radiation after Partial Mastectomy allows the people to live more than those who remove the whole breast. 

How is Partial Mastectomy performed?

The procedure of Partial Mastectomy is not that tough. PM is mainly conducted to remove a breast mass or tissues using radiology. In this only, the suspicious tissues are removed from the whole gland. In the following process the test is conducted:

  1. The first process is the anesthesia process that would be suggested by the doctor.
  2. In the second process the pathologist would open the gland for further procedures.
  3. The pathologist will insert a needle into your breast to thread a flexible wire inside your gland.
  4. When the wire will be positioned in the right place the pathologist will remove all the needles. 
  5. After that in the operation theatre, the mass will be removed by the surgeon along with all the wires.

Difference between Partial Mastectomy and Mastectomy

To understand the difference between Partial Mastectomy and Mastectomy you have to understand the advantages of both the surgery. According to research, the advantages are as follows:

Partial Mastectomy- The main advantage of this type of mastectomy does not destroy your gland and tries to conserves as much as possible at the time of surgery. It is not high invasive surgery and thus it needs a lot less time to recover. 

Mastectomy- This is unique form of surgery that is performed to remove the breast from a women. This surgery is a highly time efficient form of surgery. And also contains proper maintenance or else the patient can face a lot of complications.  

Recovery from Partial mastectomy

As you already know that partial mastectomy is not a big surgery so it normally takes 2-3 days to be fully recovered. Despite this, there are some out-turns that you might notice. The outcomes are:

  • Throbbing or sensation in the particular area.
  • Bulging of the surgical area.
  • Blackening and discoloring.
  • Lumping or stabilizing of the area.  

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Steps to follow after recovery from Partial Mastectomy

According to research, the first phase of your recovery can last from 2-3 days. The time period is short but that does not mean you can do whatever you want the surgeon will provide you a set of instruction that you have to follow for quick results:

  • Take Care of the Incision

Sponge the area with a clean cloth and you should not soak the surgical area in water directly. Wash your hands before and after touching the surgical area. Avoid any kind of lotions and apply the medicine that is provided by the surgeon.

Do not rub or scratch the incision area. Powder and deodorant should not be applied in that area at least for 1-2 weeks. The incision area contains glue and steri-strips that need to be maintained very carefully. 

  • Home Care

You should ask someone to stay with you. Moreover, you should not perform heavy exercise, only perform the activities that are suggested by the surgeon.

You can watch movies and do fun activities with your friends and family to uplift your mood.  Try to wear comfortable clothes and avoid tight-fitted ones. Also, before doing any heavy activity or anything serious takes the doctor’s permission. 

  • Diet Plan

A healthy diet will help you in many ways. Your doctor will suggest you take more fluids than solids. You should take 10 glasses of water daily.

Moreover, avoid caffeinated and spicy foods. Also, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and foods that contain low fat. You can always take help from a breast cancer specialist.

  • Sleeping Position

Try to sleep on the other side placing cushions under your chest as sleeping can put pressure on the incision area.


The doctors can guide you with possible information that will help you make the best decision. You should always appoint a doctor and consult everything with your doctor to lead a beautiful life.

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