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Knee Replacement Surgery: How to Avoid It?

If you face walking difficulties, pain, or swelling in your Knee and you consult a specialist, then s/he may prescribe you to have Knee Replacement Surgery.

However, it may or may not be necessary for you to go through this surgical procedure and there can be some other alternatives. Here, you would find a detailed discussion about that.

Natural Prevention of Knee Surgery

There are two basic types of Arthritis. These are:

  • Osteoarthritis:

In this case, the knee gets weakened because of age.

  • Inflammatory Arthritis:

 This happens because of inflammation in joints. Rheumatoid Arthritis is one example of this. However, inflammatory Arthritis may also happen to you because of chronic joint pain.

If you feel pain and swelling in your knee immediately after you wake up and it may continue for at least half an hour, you must consult a rheumatologist for proper treatment.

H/she would suggest you to go through an ESR & CRP blood test which marks the inflammation quantity or degree of your body.

If your inflammatory mark is higher than normal, then there’s a possibility that you have Inflammatory Arthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis. You can get rid of this arthritis by consuming proper medications. Surgery isn’t essentially required.

Doctors may also prescribe you to do an X-ray of your knee to properly examine the problems.

Sometimes, even after the knee replacement surgery, the pain and swelling continue. This happens because of the remaining inflammation inside the joints. In that case, the patients require additional medical treatment.

Doctors often prescribe medicines that lower the pain in your knee and also control Rheumatoid Arthritis from its depth. These medicines are called Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic drugs.

People often have misconceptions about the side effects of various medicines. But, only 1% or 2% of the patients face the side effects.

For others, these medicines don’t cause any harm. And even if there are side effects they don’t sustain for a long time. Moreover, doctors can manage them by altering the doses of medicines and the effects can be normalized.

Have queries or concern ?

    Non-surgical Arthritis treatments: Alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery

    People often have questions about whether the treatment of arthritis causes any harm or for how long the treatment procedures go on.

    So, the treatment of Arthritis depends on its stage. If you visit the doctor at a very early stage, your knee pain can be completely removed. Moreover, you may not require long treatment sessions.

    However, if the treatment gets delayed, then the possibility of getting rid of Arthritis decreases.

    In that case, you may require to go through knee replacement surgery. If the distance between two bones becomes much less than normal then also you would be prescribed for this surgery.

    Hence, the most important measure is to consult a Rheumatologist as soon as you feel the pain and consume prescribed medications properly.

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