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What Should Be the Diet During Chemotherapy?

Diet is the most important thing to recover soon. While having chemotherapy, the body starts losing immunity and the patient feels weak. Some patients lose their weight, feels low during this therapy. The only way to recover is a good and healthy diet. Doctors prescribed diets to the patients by observing their needs of protein fat and carbohydrates. Leading a healthy lifestyle is very important with a proper and fulfilled diet.

Some patients feel the side effects like nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite; constipation, etc. keeping in mind all the problems, the doctor prescribes the right and appropriate diet. A healthy diet helps in many ways, like-

  • Provides strength.
  • Provide sufficient supplements to gain weight.
  • Improves tolerant power.

How much does a patient need to eat?

Eating should be frequent and in small amounts. To avoid the feeling of nausea you cannot let your stomach empty. So, you need to follow a proper diet. Like-


Generally, proteins are the main source, and diets are provided according to the body needs of the patient.

Protein should be taken in an amount of 1.2 to 1.5 grams per kg according to your body weight. So, if your body weight is 60 kg, you will need 75 grams of protein. Eggs, chicken, soya beans, lentils, or paneer can help you in this case.

  • Try to eat nuts like cashew, walnuts, almond, etc
  • Any kind of milk product like cheese, paneer, etc
  • Non-vegetarian can eat the white portion of the eggs, fish, chicken, etc


Carbohydrates should give you the maximum amount of calories of nearly about 55%. You can gain carbohydrates from foods like

  • Try to eat rice
  • Eat rotis made of  wheat or cereals
  • Eat cereals that are made of corn


Fat should cover 30% of your calories. You can include milk, cheese, nuts, or butter according to the doctor’s prescription. Always keep in mind that you should not consume fat too much. Otherwise, the result might be dangerous.

Other tips to be followed

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Eat fruits like kiwi, pineapple, mangoes, papayas, etc to increase the digestive systems
  • Eat foods every two or three hours in a small amount
  • Do not eat spicy foods. It might cause stomach problems
  • Try avoiding junk foods or oily foods
  • Do not eat acidic fruits like oranges or lemons
  • Coffee or tea can be consumed in a lesser amount. Only twice or thrice a day.
  • Avoid having cold drinks or any kind of fizzy drinks
  • You can drink smoothies if you want

Tips to reduce Nausea

  • Try eating dry fruits or biscuits or any kind of crackers before having tea or coffee.
  • You can have ginger tea because it helps reducing nausea
  • Avoid eating foods that smell strong. Light food can help you here.
  • Eat freshly made foods

Foods if you have diarrhea

It is a very common side effect of Chemotherapy. A low fiber food should be eaten if you have any symptoms of stomach problems. Try to have foods that are full of pectins and soluble fibers. 

  • Avoid eating raw vegetables or fruits
  • Do not eat lentils or beans 
  • Sweets should be avoided at this time
  • Eat more oats, white rice, and curd

Have queries or concern ?

    What to eat if the patient has constipation

    The patient who has constipation should eat high-fiber foods. Red meat, milk, eggs should be avoided this time. the patient should have foods like-

    • Sprouts
    • Chickpeas
    • Lentils
    • Vegetables
    • Beans 
    • Nuts

    Apart from these, the patient should have to keep in mind the right amount of sugar, salt, and other regular products. Always try avoiding packaged foods or the foods stored in a can. Try to live a healthy lifestyle, and if possible exercise daily. A little walking might also help you stay fit from the casual diseases. If you are allergic to any kind of food, you should let the doctor know about it.

    You must have stopped smoking or drinking to stay fit and fight cancer. Only a good and healthy lifestyle can provide you a longer life span apart from treatment or medicines. It is the responsibility of the patient to take care of the dangerous disease.

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