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Hormonal Injections in IVF: How Many and When to Take Them?

Taking Hormonal injections during IVF is an important part of the procedure.  But a lot of women have a lot of questions about it.

For example,

Why do they have to take Hormonal Injections?

What is the importance of taking hormonal injections during IVF?

How many Injections do they have to take?

As a leading Infertility Clinic in Maharashtra, we often come across these questions regularly.

So we decided to address these questions with this brief and informative blog.

So, let’s get started.

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Importance of Hormonal Injections in IVF

Each woman has thousands of Ovarian Follicles that grow into female eggs during the Menstrual cycle.

Two hormones, Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing hormone (LH) play a vital role in this growth. The amount of these hormones is enough to mature a single egg.

But during the IVF procedure, doctors have to harvest multiple eggs to ensure successful fertilization. These fertilized eggs or embryos are further utilized during the IVF procedure.

That’s why doctors inject FSH and LH into your body via injections.

Each IVF centre has its unique protocol and interval of injections.

There are two methods to give these injections:

  •   Intramuscular Injection:
    Under this method, we give the injection to the muscles.
  •   Subcutaneous Injection:
    Under this method, we give injections below the skin layer. Subcutaneous injections are very small and even you can take them yourself.

Generally, the dosage continues for 4-5 days.

 Later, we perform sonography of the patient and give the final injection to the patient. This injection is called an Antagonist injection.

This injection controls the growth of follicles and eggs, preventing their early rupture. This is a subcutaneous injection.

Once the size of follicles reaches 18 to 20 mm, we give another injection called ovulation trigger injection. This is either HCG or Agonist injection. This is the last injection of the stimulation cycle.

The timing of this injection is very critical. The reason is, the eggs are harvested precisely after 34 to 36 hours of this injection.

Things to Remember about IVF injections

There are certain things that you should remember about IVF injections.

For example,

  • Injections should be stored at the right temperature of 4 to 8 degree Celsius
  • Make sure you are taking your injections at the same time. Do not alter the timing of the injection 

  • Ovulation trigger injection should be taken at the right time and in the right way.

Have queries or concern ?

    Closing Thoughts

    We hope we have answered a lot of your questions related to IVF injections.

    Remember, IVF is a bit complex procedure that demands patients and the right care.

    At Sahyadri Hospital, we have a team of experts that specializes in IVF procedures.

    If you have any doubts related to infertility or IVF, we are always a phone call away! Feel free to reach out to us.

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