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What is Labiaplasty Surgery?

The vulva is the term used to describe female genitalia. Female genitalia consists of the clitoris, vagina, and labia majora and minora, respectively.

Large labia majora, which may cause them to stay heated and irritated around the vaginal entrance, are a common cause of labia majora wounds and sores. This unease may persist even after the labia minora have shrunk in size. Labiaplasty, then, is a surgical procedure to modify the vaginal temperature.

What is Labiaplasty?

When you want to change the size of your labia or have them altered for cosmetic reasons, you may turn to a surgical treatment called labiaplasty. Labiaplasty may be performed for cosmetic reasons, to alleviate physical pain, or as part of gender-affirming surgery.

Labia are the skin creases that surround the genital orifice. Skin is folded in two places on your body. The labia majora, which means “big lips,” are the outer folds.

After puberty, pubic hair covers the bigger, fleshy folds that shield the external genitalia. Small lips, or labia minora, are the inner folds. These skin folds shield the genital and urethral orifices from the effects of bodily fluids.

Who can undergo Labiaplasty?

The size and form of the labia are as distinctive as eye color, and there is a wide range of acceptable variations. When labia are too lengthy, the extra tissue may be uncomfortable or even hinder proper function. 

For instance, if an athlete has very lengthy labia, they may experience irritation and chafing while moving their legs. Alternatively, riding a bicycle seat with protruding labial tissue might be unpleasant. 

There are people who, because they perceive their inner labia to be excessively lengthy, experience emotional or psychological anguish during intercourse or while wearing a thong or swimwear. Even in form-fitting yoga pants, the labia shape might be a giveaway.  

The elements above may influence a person’s choice to have the operation performed.

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    When and How is Labiaplasty done?

    Before anything else, a visit to the plastic surgeon is needed to determine just how much larger your labial hypertrophy is than CM.

    Normal labia should be between 1 and 3 millimeters in length. When it progresses further, it’s called labial hypertrophy. After a diagnosis has been made, only then will your doctor discuss possible treatments with you.

    Regarding labia minora correction, your surgeon will likely choose one of two techniques: edge resection or wedge resection. Both are often carried out when the patient is unconscious.

    Edge resection: This entails cutting away the labia “extra” projecting edges, much as how a haircut shortens the hair.

    Wedge resection: By removing small wedges of skin from the labia minora central area and stitching the remaining skin back together, the natural labial contours are preserved.

    Surgery on the labia majora typically takes one of two forms:

    • In cases when the labia are too lengthy or full, surgical procedures like liposuction or tissue removal may be used to achieve the desired look.
    • The procedure involves injecting fat or another filler substance into the labia to improve its appearance.

    Types of Labiaplasty

    There are two types of labiaplasty:  

    • Non Surgical Labiaplasty: This procedure is carried out when the labia are insufficient. A Diode laser is used for this purpose.
    • Surgical Labiaplasty: Surgery is an option if the labial hypertrophy is severe.


    Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that might be considered if the labia cause the patient pain in tight clothes, during exercise, or sexual activity.

    Labiaplasty is a component of the surgical reconstructive procedure in gender confirmation surgery. Discussing private bodily functions might be awkward. Have open communication with your surgeon about your expectations and worries.

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