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What Are the Symptoms of Liver Disease in Children?

Liver disease is a very common type of disease found in children. If you check any kind of hospital or nursery then you will find that from 15-20% of most of the children are going through some kinds of liver diseases. Liver diseases are preventable with proper care and medication.

Symptoms of Liver Disease in Children

Liver disease can happen due to several reasons and there are several symptoms of liver disease. If any newborn is going through severe kinds of Jaundice that cannot be cured with Blue light or Phototherapy then it is a serious issue. This kind of situation depicts the Liver problem in a newborn.

If you go further then you can tell whether your kid is having any kind of liver disease by looking at the following factors. The common symptoms of Liver problems are listed below:

  • Yellow or pale-colored urine
  • Whitish or pale-colored stool 
  •  Blood Vomiting
  • Water getting deposited in the liver
  • Flatulence
  • Swelling in the Liver
  • Recurring Jaundice 
  • Fainting or Unconsciousness 
  • Sugar Level going unexpectedly downwards

Types of Liver Diseases in children

If you want to know about the types of liver diseases found in children then it quite favorable to describe the type according to the age group of the children. Some of the common types of liver diseases are:

Biliary Artesia or Choledochal Cyst-

This is a very serious kind of liver problem and is mainly found in newborns. This can be identified if the newborn is continuously suffering from Jaundice and yellow urine excretion. This kind of liver problem needs immediate action and operation. 

Metabolic Liver Disease –

This is commonly found in children of 1 year age and can be identified if the child is losing the sugar level. The food containing carbohydrates, fats, and minerals when not properly digested by the body cause this kind of liver problem and is very common in both child and adult body. 

Auto-Immune Liver Disease-

Sometimes your immune system can create Liver problems. The children, who are going through autoimmune liver disease, should notice a recurring Jaundice and whitish and pale color urine and stool extracts. 

Wilson’s Disease-

This is another form of liver disease and is very common in adults and children as well. In this type of disease, the copper present in the body gets misbalanced and sometimes gets deposited in the liver, eyes, and brains also.  

Liver Infections-

Liver infections mean viral Hepatitis including Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Hepatitis E is mainly found in children and mainly occurs due to bad food intake, bad water consumption. Corrupted Injections or the presence of corrupted blood cells are also the cause of this type of disease. 


Gall Bladder, Goldstone, Liver Cancer is some common types of problems that are found in children. There are no accurate types of treatment for liver diseases. The diagnosis may vary from type to type. But it is highly recommended to take proper care and diagnosis. The long-term outcome of liver diseases can be good by taking proper treatment, maintaining a healthy diet all the time.

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    Risk Factor

    Without proper treatment and specific diagnosis, it can be highly dangerous and there are high possibilities that it can damage the whole liver and only can be treated by Liver transplant which is a high-risk factor surgical method.


    Liver disease and problems are a very common type of problem found in children and if you find any kind of symptoms in your child then you should immediately consult with your specialist doctor. This will help in the diagnosis and treatment in the accurate time of the kids and they can live a fit and fine life ahead.

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