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Ways to Keep Your Lungs Strong With the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Post-Covid-19

In this article, we will talk about the pulmonary rehabilitation program post-Covid and the tools that we are going to use during the program. We will also know about the Spiral ball and Respirometer that we must use post-Covid and also the advantages it serves.

Lung tissues that are faced post-Covid-19

There are many lung issues that are faced post-Covid. They are:

  • Pneumonia
  • Basis Lattice
  • The oxygen capacity of the lungs decreases
  • Face problem while breathing or Dyspnea

How and why use spiral balls?

By using spiral balls and respirometers, you can easily increase and improve the breathing capacity of your lungs. You will also get biofeedback from the spiral ball of 3000- 4000 MN. Patients who suffer from pneumonia during Covid-19 find the spiral ball machine to be extremely helpful. If you use them after recovering, the vital capacity of the lungs will also increase. 

The spiral ball machine is used for inhalation. The smiley balls present in the spiral balls machines act as the resistance. So the main breathing muscle that you have is the diaphragm; you can easily challenge it with a minimum amount of resistance and the minimum amount of hold. 

There are three smiley faces present in the spiral meter. The middle one is the happy smiley face, and the smiley faces present on the two sides are the sad smiley faces. When you breathe in, the smiley ball will eventually go up and reach the middle smiley face, which is the happy face. As soon as the ball reaches the happy, smiley face, the white ring will also go up.

White ring denotes the capacity of the lungs; when the lung capacity drops, it gets limited to 1000 or 2000. Ideally, in the female, it reaches 4000, and in men, it reaches 5000, and that is your maximum capacity of the lungs. Due to Covid gets challenged and decreases a lot, but with proper exercising, with the help of the spiral balls, you can help in exercising the lung muscles. 

When a woman does deep inhalation with the help of the spiral balls machine, and the smiley ball reaches second place, she needs to hold it. You can eventually see the lung capacity reach within 3000-4000 MN. This is very normal for a female. 

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    How and why use a respirometer?

    Respirometer is another tool used during pulmonary rehabilitation. It is also known as Triflometry. This is ideally used for inhalation, but post-Covid, it is used for exhalation. You need to keep the respirometer upside down and exhale. 

    The end product of your lungs is the alveolus, where lung gas is exchanged. It is the place where carbon dioxide and oxygen get exchanged, and the alveolus eventually collapses. It is the reason why the lungs collapse. Due to this, the lung becomes unable to aerate, and you may feel like choking. Post-Covid also when you feel like choking, remember this happens because of the collapsing of the alveolus. 

    When you use Respirometer for inhalation, it helps to oxygenate the lungs properly, but when you make the machine upside down and use it, it will give you a PEEP effect. PEEP effect means Positive-end-expiratory-pressure. Due to the end-expiratory pressure, the alveolus does not get broader, and it helps in exchanging the gas properly. Hence, you need to inhale it by keeping the machine straight and then exhale it by keeping the machine upside down for a PEEP effect. 

    While you are blowing out the tri ball/ exhaling, make sure that the blowing out needs to be very smooth and gentle, or else it will not serve the purpose if done forcefully. When the PEEP effect is created, the oxygenation of the lungs gets better, and it will also cause the vital capacity of the lungs to increase. 

    Other advantages of using Spiral balls and Respirometer

    In pulmonary rehab, you can increase the capacity of the lungs by using these pieces of machinery. Apart from the lung capacity, the other muscles that need a high amount of oxygen, Post Covid, you will witness that the oxygen capacity of your entire body decreases. Eventually, with exercises and a combination of many things, we can improve the lung capacity and the vital capacity of the lungs.

    Along with that, we are going to improve the oxygenation of the other parts of the body, such as the muscles of your legs and hands, where there is a high need for oxygen you can check with the help of the endurance test and practice the exercises accordingly. You will be advised to do hand, leg, breathing, and spine exercises where breathing combines all these muscles to help you get good fitness along with good endurance.

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