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Debunking 5 Myths about Brain Tumors

There are a lot of people that believe in various brain tumor myths. The most common brain tumor myths are that all brain tumours are deadly and cellphones can cause brain tumors. There are some other myths like:

Myth 1: All brain tumors are deadly.

Fact: No, all brain tumors are not deadly. Brain tumors can be dangerous but we can treat them effectively and avoid complications with advanced medical science.Now, there are two types of brain tumors:

  • Benign (Non-cancerous)
  • Malignant (Cancerous)

Malignant tumors further divide into two categories like gliomas or primary brain tumors that develop in the brain and the other is metastasis that arrives from other parts of the body and reach the brain. Now, if benign tumors are present in other parts of the body can be easily treated or sometimes doesn’t require treatment at all. But if it is in the brain, they should be treated as it causes complications. To stop the worsening of the situation, we need to remove a benign brain tumor.

In cancerous or malignant tumors, we need to remove their size and further treat them with radiation and chemotherapy to extend patient survival. With all the modern technologies and services, neurosurgery has become completely precise and safe for a patient. So, we can not say that all brain tumors are deadly.

Myth 2: Mobile Phones cause brain tumors.

Fact: No, there is no current evidence that proves that there is any connection between the usage of phones and brain tumors. Mobile phones use radiofrequency waves that are Non-ionizing waves. These are not so powerful as to cause any damage to the brain or DNA. Also, the amount of these waves are low and they can not penetrate the skull or brain.

To reach the brain, first, the waves will have some effect on the skin which is not seen to date. Research is still going to see if there are any harmful waves from coming 5g phones.

Myth 3: Brain Tumors are common in children.

Fact: No, brain tumors are not so common in children. It is common in people above the age of 40. Although brain tumor is the second most common cancer that affects children after leukemia.

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    Myth 4: Dental x-rays cause meningioma.

    Fact: No, this is false. There were previous studies that showed that dental x-rays may cause meningioma. But today, with reduced radiation dose it is not possible.

    Myth 5: Artificial sweeteners can cause brain tumors.

    Fact: No, this is not possible. Previous studies showed a connection between processed food and artificial sweeteners. But those cancers were intestinal and abdominal cancers. Brain tumors have no connection with the same.

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