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Unwanted Hair on Face | Causes & Treatments

Being one of the leading Endocrinologists, we often encounter patients with unwanted facial hair.

Most of them have this common question,

Can Hormonal Imbalance Cause Unwanted Facial Hair-growth?

After reading this article, you will go with the answer you need.


The condition where a patient has to deal with unwanted facial hair, especially on the chin, cheeks and side locks, is known as Hirsutism in medical terms.

Patients often feel embarrassed due to these hairs and are sometimes victims of social stigma too.

Similarly, hairs on the upper lips are also a part of the same condition.

If you are wondering, Can Hormonal Imbalance Cause Unwanted Facial Hair-growth?

The answer is YES.

Hormonal Problems can result in unwanted facial hair.

What is a Hormonal Problem?

The hair growing on the upper lips and chin results from testosterone.

Although testosterone is a male hormone, it occurs in both males and females.

In most conditions, testosterone is inactive in females. But for some reasons, it becomes active, it can lead to facial hair growth in females.

There are multiple reasons behind the rise in testosterone action.

One of the most common reasons for this rise is PCOD. Apart from this, Idiopathic Hyperandrogenism can also lead to a rise in testosterone actions in females.

In this condition, the impact of testosterone is significant on hair follicles and the face. This causes the growth of thick hair on the face.

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    What are the treatment options available?

    The primary way to control PCOD is diet and regular exercise.

    For Idiopathic conditions, there are two options available.

    • Medical Management:

    This method includes the use of anti-testosterone medications. These medications either reduce the levels of testosterone or their action.

    With certain medications, we can control this conversion and might reduce hair growth. But it’s important to note that just Medical Management is not enough.

    There are more than 1 million hair follicles on 1 sq cm of the skin. So it isn’t easy to control the growth of all.

    So we recommend Cosmetic Management along with Medical Management to ensure the best results.

    • Cosmetic Management :

    Cosmetic Management includes numerous procedures like Laser therapy, shaving, or waxing. But remember, this is not a permanent solution.

    Instead, Cosmetic Management and Medical Management will significantly reduce the need for hair removal gradually.

    So overall, a combination of both these treatment alternatives will reduce the frequency of Cosmetic Management.


    There is one more thing you should know about these testosterone medications.

    They do not work within a month or two.

    It takes time, and the effects will be visible in the longer run. So you will have to take this medication for a longer period.

    The reason is that each hair’s growth cycle is around 6 to 9 months. So until one cycle is not complete, you won’t be able to see the actual results.

    Many patients reach out to us complaining that they have been taking medications for the last month, and still, there is no visible change.

    But this is the wrong approach. As we already mentioned, the effects will be visible only in the longer run.

    You will have to keep patience to see the actual results. The minimum treatment period is 3 to 6 months, while some treatments last up to a year.

    Wrapping up

    We understand your struggle due to unwanted hair growth due to hormonal imbalances.

    But remember, by consulting the right Endocrinologist and adopting a combination of Medical and Cosmetic Management, you can get rid of this problem to a larger extent.

    All you have to do is consult a right Endocrinologist at the right clinic. After thoroughly examining you, they can guide you to the right path and adequate medical therapy.

    If you need further information or assistance, we are available here. Feel free to reach out for any assistance.

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