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What is the Cost of Blood Cancer Treatment in India?


Are you having symptoms of blood cancer and feeling restless about financial issues? So here are some remedies that can calm you a little.

The pricing of blood cancer treatment starts from one lakh in India, but usually, it takes four lakhs to six lakhs at first. That pricing can change due to hospitals, medicines, doctor consultations, or treatment procedures.

As it is a time taking process, it costs much more than other diseases. The average amount needed for the full recovery Process is around eleven lakhs. The maximum charge in India is around twenty-two lakhs. The cost varies because of the city.

Types of Blood Cancer and Their cost

There are five types of blood cancers that we are going to talk about today. Those are the most frequent in India now.

1. Leukaemia

Leukaemia takes place when white blood cells grow abnormally in the bone marrow. The abnormal cells then destroy the real blood cells and leave an infection. Like every cancer cell, the transcription process of leukaemia cells is very high. They took over the body quickly and left the patient in great pain.

Although there is no cure for leukaemia now, Doctors prescribe chemotherapy and other kinds of treatments. It is the costliest cancer treatment after myeloma. It costs around 1 crore to treat an Acute leukaemia patient.

2. Lymphoma

Lymphoma occurs when abnormal white blood cells multiply themselves in the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system contains three parts. The first one is the lymph node, the second is the bone marrow, and the last one is the spleen. Cancer usually starts from the lymph nodes, but as the lymph cells are all around the body, it’s often spread to the whole body.

The chemotherapy process for lymphoma starts from just thirty thousand in India. But the price of radiation therapy and Stem cell transplantation is quite high. Radiation therapy starts from twenty-five lakhs, and Stem cell transplantation costs nearly thirty lakhs.

3. Myeloma

This is the plasma cell cancer that occurs in the bone marrow. Plasma cells are white blood cells that produce antibodies. That is the most dangerous cancer as it attacks your bones and infects normal cells.

This is the most costly treatment among all cancers. The chemotherapy starts from ten lakhs, but the radiation therapies and stem cell transplantation therapy cost more than one crore.

Cost of Blood Cancer Treatment in India

Doctors use three types of treatments as a remedy for blood cancer. The first and the most common one is chemotherapy. Next is radiation therapy, and the last and the most difficult one is stem cell transplantation therapy.

Chemotherapy is a process that contains chemical substances, cytotoxic, and various anti-cancer drugs. It is the most common process of treating any cancer. It starts only from thirty thousand in case of blood cancer. The pricing is also very affordable. But the procedure only reduces the symptoms of suppressing the tumor. It is a lengthy process and not very convenient either.

Radiation therapy and Stem cell transplantation are quite costly in respect of chemotherapy. The starting price for both is around 5 to 7 lakhs, and the maximum cost is about a crore. But still, those are more reliable than chemotherapy.

The cost of blood cancer treatment in major Indian cities is as follows:


Cost in (INR)


Rs.45,000 To Rs.22,00,000


Rs.45,000 To Rs.20,00,000


Rs.45,000 To Rs.22,00,000


Rs.40,000 To Rs.20,00,000


Rs.40,000 To Rs.20,00,000


Rs.35,000 To Rs.19,00,000


Rs.40,000 To Rs.20,00,000


Rs.35,000 To Rs.19,00,000


Rs.40,000 To Rs.20,00,000


Rs.40,000 To Rs.20,00,000


Rs.35,000 To Rs.19,00,000

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    Cost of Blood Cancer Treatment in Pune

    The starting price of blood cancer treatment in Pune is around 1 lakh. But this is just the beginning; the average cost that you have to bear for blood cancer treatment in Pune is around 7 lakhs. And the maximum price is 22 lakhs. That means Pune is quite cheap in the matter of blood cancer treatment.

    Cost of different factors affecting the blood cancer treatment

    There are some kinds of factors that enhance the chance or the impact of blood cancers. Here’s a list.

    • Smoking: Smoking is a big issue for cancer patients, not only lung and mouth cancer; people can also have blood cancer due to heavy smoking.
    • Exposure to chemical agents: During chemotherapy, it is common to get in touch with chemical reagents. It can also increase the chances of blood cancer.
    • Radiation exposure: Like chemotherapy, radiation can also put a cancerous cell in your body.

    Based upon these factors, doctors often witness a few stages of cancer.

    • In stage one, there is just enlargement of lymph nodes. There are hardly any symptoms in the body, and the risk factor is also very low.
    • The second stage contains an enlargement of lymph nodes, spleen, and liver. Not necessary, they will increase together, it also can take place one by one.
    • In stage three, cancer starts to spread to the whole body.
    • The fourth stage is the last and includes the highest risk factors. In this stage, the red blood cells start to fall rapidly, and the patient gets acute anemia.

    The cost and the risk factors increase on the base of those stages. The treatment of the last stage is the most costly, and there is no surety of healing.

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    Blood cancer can be ruthless, time-consuming, and costly. But here, at Sahyadri Hospital, the oncology tries to execute this process with great expertise, dedication, and delicacy. The specialist also uses the best medicine and equipment to make your suffering easier.

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    1. What is the Blood Cancer Survival Rate in India?

    The rate of Blood Cancer Survival in India is more than 75%

    2. Is it possible to cure Blood Cancer?

    Currently, there is no perfect cure for Blood Cancer.

    3. Does Medical Insurance Cover Blood Cancer?

    Yes, Medical Insurance includes the treatment of Blood Cancer but not completely. The schemes are different for various insurance companies. They usually bear the hospital cost.

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