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IVF – an Effective Choice for Those Struggling With Infertility?

IVF – an Effective Choice for Those Struggling With Infertility

A newborn baby, a child brings loads of happiness not only to the parents but the entire family. It stimulates a positive atmosphere as seeing the child grow is a unique experience in itself. In a fast paced modern world where careers have taken center stage in our life , there are an increasing number who don’t want to have a baby. But then there are many who want to have but can’t conceive.

Many even don’t married nowadays in their 20s and when they find the right partner, they don’t want to have a child early, seldom realizing that the biological clock is ticking. When they do decide for a child some of them are not able to conceive. Call it marrylifestylesofself-inflictedmany wantsocietal pressure or self-inflicte; having a baby assumes supreme significance in a couple’s life. Today many others are grappling with the problem of infertility due to various reasons most important being unhealthy lifestyle.

The problem is not restricted to cities alone but also increasing in rural areas with the ratio in men and women seen in almost equal proportions.

Women are born with limited eggs and as they approach menopause , the fertility drops down to a very low especially in the last few years . Therefore many of our elders recommend to have a baby in time mostly before the early thirtees. Once women pass this age , many have to take help of assisted reproduction. After a few blood tests , medical tests and the current medical condition of the couple , treatment is suggested by the doctors.

These may include time intercourse, IUI , laparoscopy, etc and when these don’t work then IVF becomes the last option. In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is a technique in which a woman’s eggs are fertilized with her husband’s sperms in a laboratory and then the eggs are transferred back to woman’s uterus .

Some may succeed in the first cycle and some many need multiple cycles. IVF has been beneficial for those in advanced reproductive age , those couples in which male infertility is a factor , those with blocked fallopian tubes and those with other or unexplained cause of infertility.

The success rate depends on multiple factors like age , cause of infertility , reproductive history and lifestyle factors. There are many myths related to IVF , but the important thing is to be aware . The baby born with IVF technique is the couple’s very own , healthy and lives a normal life.

IVF is also used for men . *In many cases of male factor infertility, a procedure called Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is used. This is when sperm is injected directly into the egg as part of the IVF process. This can help to overcome low sperm count or motility.

Young couples must realize that rate of success of conceiving is the best in reproductive years. If for some reason they want to delay it , they should speak to their gynecologists who will advice them on the choices available today like egg freezing taking into consideration the possibilities in future in advanced reproductive age .

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    July 25 is a day which assumes significance to the entire world as on the same day in 1978 , a new ray of hope emerged for the childless couples across the world. On this day, Louise Joy Brown, the world’s first baby to be conceived via in vitro fertilization (IVF) was born in England. More than four decades on , IVF continues to bring smiles on the faces of childless couples.

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