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Everything you need to know about strokes

More than 80 million people across the globe have experienced a stroke, and approximately 50 million people have to live with physical disabilities in some form or the other. Many people cannot live the same kind of life, they did, before a stroke. However, with the right treatments and medicines from the top multispeciality hospital in Pune, they still can have a chance to lead a healthy life.

A few reasons why so many individuals are experiencing a stroke at such a young age is because of of diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, smoking and other lifestyle changes. If not treated at the right time, a stroke can lead to clots in the vessels that transfer blood to our brain or even burst these veins. When this happens, some parts of our brain do not receive the required oxygen and thus hampers its function. Moreover, the broken blood vessels can lead to excessive bleeding, with a stroke. They are called hemorrhagic or bleeding strokes.

Further, different parts of our brain are responsible for controlling various activities. Due to this, the impact of each stroke on our body depends on the part of the brain it has affected. In case a stroke affects a small but essential part of our brain, it can still lead to permanent disabilities. As the reproduction of brain cells is hampered due to a stroke, the damage to the tissue cells is permanent. The extent of the damage to the cells in the brain relies on the intensity of the stroke.

By identifying risks such as high blood pressure, increased sugar, obesity, smoking, and cardiovascular problems, we can take preventive measures to reduce the chances of experiencing a stroke. New treatment procedures have led to a significant improvement in the reduction of strokes. One of the treatments includes clot boosting injections, which needs to be given within 4 hours after a stroke. Apart from this, mechanical thrombectomy or surgery within 6 hours can help remove a large clot and prevent loss of blood cells.

Earlier, strokes were prevalent for people who are 50+ years of age. But this is not the same anymore. Now, it is also seen in people who are 30-40 years old. This is why it is necessary for individuals to sign up for regular checkups at the best multispeciality hospitals in Pune. Along with this, regular exercise, a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, reducing the quantity of salt, quitting smoking and tobacco intake can help improve life expectancy.

The number of youngsters suffering from a stroke is increasing by the day. Hence, it is necessary to take the required measures and create awareness. We hope this helps you get a better understanding of why strokes occur and how to cure it.

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