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Prevention from heart related issues

Prevention from heart related issues

‘When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy.’ This Chinese proverb aptly describes the importance of a healthy heart at a time when deaths due to cardiovascular diseases are a rising concern in India.

According to WHO, Cardiovascular diseases are caused by disorders of the heart and blood vessels, and includes coronary heart disease (heart attacks), cerebrovascular disease (stroke), raised blood pressure (hypertension), peripheral artery disease, rheumatic heart disease, congenital heart disease and heart failure.

As we know, globally around 17.7 million people die due to cardiovascular diseases annually. World Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated that India accounts for over a fifth of these deaths. Statistics have also shown that in India, the death rate due to heart related problems has grown by 34 percent in 2016 which is alarming.

Presently heart related issues are no-more a disease of the old but can be seen affecting young people as well. Doctors have point out that pre-mature heart attack is another area of concern which needs immediate attention. Some of the major causes of pre-mature heart related issues is smoking, consumption of tobacco followed by those having some family history of heart problems and patients who are diabetic.

This draws our attention to the change in lifestyle which is one of the major causes of growing heart related diseases in India. WHO too has stated that common modifiable risk factors identified are namely physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, harmful effects of tobacco and alcohol and other habit forming substance. It has further stated that controlling these common modifiable risk factors can help in prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases.

As we can see, change in lifestyle has brought with itself a high amount of stress and a sedentary daily routine. Daily pressures and stress seen majorly in the young population is one of the causes of rising consumption of alcohol and tobacco which is becoming a concern. Consumption of tobacco can cause inflammation in coronary artery wall, oxidation of bad cholesterol and blockage which ultimately results in a heart attack.

The other common risk factors for heart attacks is diabetes which is again a disease caused mainly due to lifestyle change. Lack of exercise, eating unhealthy food, eating at odd hours and rising stress in making diabetes is household disease today. As we know, diabetes can lead to hypertension and inflammation of arterial wall which is again associated with heart related issues.

Hence one of the ways to reduce risk factors associated with heart related issues is changing one’s lifestyle. Daily physical exercise including walking, jogging, cycling etc and emphasis on eating raw vegetables and fruits can help in keeping the body healthy. Timely Nutrition counseling, preventive care, full body check-ups & screening is must to avoid the risk.

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