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Sahyadri Hospitals clocks 300 Liver Transplants

Sahyadri Hospitals clocks 300 Liver Transplants

Well-known actor Sachin Khedekar unveils ‘Metamorphosis’  coffee table book

Pune 5 December 22:

As a part of it’s multi-pronged efforts to increase awareness on organ donation , Sahyadri Hospitals today organized a special program to mark organ donation day ( 27th nov) and  salute the noble gesture of organ donors  and their families &  the incredible fighting spirit of patients and their families for coming out against all odds to live healthy life again.

Well-known actor Sachin Khedekar unveiled ‘Metamorphosis’ coffee table book which showcases the inspiring transformational stories of these patients . The occasion was also special as Sahyadri Hospitals recently clocked it’s 300th liver transplant in a short span of just  six years. Guest of Honour Dr. Radhakishan Pawar, Deputy Director of Health Services Department  and Dr. Nagnath Yempalle Civil Surgeon  along with Abrar Ali Dalal,CEO Sahyadri Hospitals , Dr. Bipin Vibhute, Director and Head of Organ Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Surgery Department of Sahyadri Hospitals  and Dr. Prasad Muglikar Medical Director , Dr.Vikas Karne Chief Medical Services Deccan Unit  and other team members   were present on the occasion .


The coffee table book is a part of the ‘Liv Again’ campaign started by Sahyadri Hospitals which will include awareness sessions in peripheral areas , OPDs amongst other activities .

Sachin Khedekar said that it is difficult to put into words how Dr. Vibhute and his team have given life to so many people. The transplant process is long, time-bound and involves many people. Transplantation is like reincarnation. In acting we say that we entered alienation, and alienation entered and people believed that it wasn’t them, it was somebody else, but we knew what they were saying.

Even though this is a fantasy in my opinion, you can make the fantasy in your mind a reality. It is a great achievement for you as a medical expert. Today, I am happy that you have reestablished 300 families. Those who are sick, those who need medical help are looking forward with hope. Donors are donating in a selfless spirit, but misconceptions about this should be removed.

Dr. Bipin Vibhute, Director and Head of Organ Transplantation & Hepatobiliary Surgery, Sahyadri Hospitals, said that there is no doubt that awareness and confidence amongst common people about organ donation is increasing as they witness the success rates of transplants.

But we are still in a situation in our country where we lose many end-stage patients because of unavailability of organs and tissues. The gap must narrow and therefore the organ donation rate must increase multifold.

He added that earlier apart from the myths about organ donation, cost associated with transplant and the people’s perception was another challenge. But now it’s changing.

We have been continuous efforts by opening up liver transplant facilities at our Nashik and Karad Units. Sahyadri Hospitals Karad unit has become  India’s first Taluka level Centre to have Liver Transplant facility.

We have also been conducting the Liver Champion campaign in various smaller towns in Maharashtra where we have been felicitating people who have undergone liver transplants are leading a normal life and inspiring others.


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    Abrarali Dalal ,CEO Sahyadri Hospitals Group, said organ retrieval and transplant is a long, extensive but a time bound process which needs to be carried out seamlessly with the help of a multi divisional team including doctors, nurses, counsellors , transplant coordinators, blood banks, ZTCC, traffic police who have been creating green corridors , support staff etc and the NGOs who have also helped needy patients especially small children .

    But above all it is the noble deed of the donor and the family which makes things possible. This book showcases the incredible transformation lives of people who have undergone transplants and salutes the noble deeds of these great individuals and their families.

    He added that that we have been in the forefront of organ donation and transplant programs. Liver Champions program, taluka level facility at Karad, programs for organ donation pledge are all a part of this effort. With Pune emerging as an affordable center and a hub of organ transplant, the program will further gain momentum and benefit all sections of the society.

    Sahyadri Hospitals have now got multi organ transplant centres at Deccan, Nagar Road , Karad , Nashik and has recently opened liver transplant facility at Hadapsar Unit.

    The liver transplant team at Sahyadri Hospitals consists of Dr. Bipin Vibhute, Liver and Multi-Organ Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgeon along with Transplant Hepatologist and Gastroenterologist Dr. Sheetal Mahajani along liver transplant surgeons Dr. Anirudh Bhosle, Dr. Apoorva Deshpande, Dr. Vikas Chaudhary & Dr. Abhijit Mane,  Pediatric Hepatologist Dr. Snehvardhan Pandey, Transplant Anesthetist Dr. Manish Pathak, Dr. Manoj Raut, Dr. Kiran Tathe, Medical Social Worker Mrs. Sharmila Padhye, Transplant Coordinator Rahul Tambe and Aman Belle .

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