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How Long Before Brain Tumor Symptoms Show?

Brain Tumor – This word itself is frightening when you hear that someone has a brain tumor but with today’s technology and knowledge of neurosurgery, it is possible to treat all types of brain tumors. However, it is very beneficial for the patient as well as doctors if these brain tumors are detected in the early stages. For that, we need to know what are the symptoms of a brain tumor.

Today, in this video, Dr. Jaydev Panchawagh- Consultant neurosurgeon, Sahyadri hospital is going to explain to us about Warning Signs of Brain Tumor (Brain Tumor Early Symptoms). Symptoms of brain tumors vary depending on the type, size, and exact location in the brain. Following are some Brain Tumor: Symptoms and Signs.

Symptoms of brain tumors

  1. Skull is a closed cavity, when a tumor develops inside the skull the pressure is developed inside the skull increases, which is called raised intracranial pressure. When this happens, brain tumor early symptoms are.
    • Headaches
    • Vomiting
    • The decrease in the level of consciousness
    • Sometimes the patient experiences diplopia (double vision)
  2. The second set of brain tumor symptoms are seizures. So any adult patient with first seizure in life, doctors tend to investigate for a brain tumor.
  3. The third set of symptoms occur when the developing brain tumor destroys the function of the brain area. For example, if the tumor is developed on the right side of the brain and as we know that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. If the tumors keep on growing on the right side of the brain it will slowly start hampering the left side functionality of the body.
  4. In the fourth set of symptoms, sometimes the patient presents with only the change in the level of consciousness.
  5. In the fifth set of brain tumor symptoms, which are rare in which the patient presents psychiatric symptoms.

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    Type of brain tumors with different symptoms

    There are two types of brain tumors which show different symptoms than above one, which are pituitary tumor and colloid cyst. As we all know pituitary gland produces hormones and when there is a tumor within, the hormonal system of the person’s body changes. In the case of the colloid cyst, the patient should get operated as soon as possible.

    As we all know that the brain has fluid cavities which are connected to one another by which the fluid flows through one cavity to another and then gets absorbed in the bloodstream. When this cyst grows to obstruct these cavities there is a sudden rise in the pressure in the brain and the person can die instantly.

    With the advancement in medical knowledge and technology its very possible to treat a brain tumor. Even the problematic brain tumors can be operated with a really good success rate. So its an appeal to people if you see these early symptoms of brain tumor consult doctor as early as possible and ensure that the brain tumors are cured early to prevent the damage.

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