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What Cause Lower Back Pain? (Lumbar Spondylosis)

Lumbar spondylosis Causes

The Spinal Problem caused due to spondylosis, i.e Lumbar canal stenosis which is a very common spinal problem in middle-aged as well as old aged people and which has a resultant symptom, that is neurogenic claudication.

Claudication is when the person starts walking initially there is no pain and gradually, the person starts feeling heaviness, weakness, pain, tingling in both the lower limbs starting from the lower back, going into the buttocks, then the thighs, and lastly to the legs specifically calves.

There comes a point the person is not able to walk due to pain. They have to stop taking some rest and then start walking again. This distance keeps on decreases. The distance covered by the person without any pain is known as Claudication distance. This happens due to the lumbar canal getting narrow.

In this disease, the diameter of the canal located in the lower back through which the nerves pass gets narrowed. This process of narrowing the canal is known as stenosis. According to the pathology since the diameter decreases over the period the nerves inside start getting compressed and results in reduced blood supply. Excessive Spondylotic changes i.e Lumbar Spondylosis also happens due to spondylolisthesis i.e lumbar canal stenosis can also occur due to one vertebra slipping on other vertebrae. All these problems may also occur in a person due to other diseases as age increases.

Symptoms of lumbar spondylosis

  • With reducing diameter, the nerves inside the canal start compressing and the blood supply reduces and starts experiencing neurogenic claudication.
  • Due to claudication the person is unable to perform physical activities with their lower limbs and has to stop and rest multiple times in between the activity.
  • Over time the distance of painless walking reduces as well as the person cannot stand for a long period.
  • Normally people think, the heaviness and the tingling sensation while walking occurs due to age, whereas it might be a symptom of spondylosis. As the age increases the condition of lumbar spondylosis increases.

Treatment for Lumbar Spondylosis

Spondylolisthesis can be cured by realignment of the spine and decompression of the nerves. If lumber canal stenosis is detected on time and treated surgically then the person can go back to their previous level of walking distance and exercise distance.

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    Lumbar Spondylolysis Exercises

    Walking is one of the most beneficial exercises for our body as it prevents heart diseases, keeps diabetes in control, socializes with society, etc. It is the basis of physical and mental well-being, especially in the older age groups. In the case of Lumbar spondylosis as well it provides great benefits.

    Lumbar canal stenosis and neurological claudication are treatable conditions that should be suspected or diagnosed and treated early for middle-aged or old aged people to live their lives normally.

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