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How to Recognize the Symptoms of Covid-19?

This second wave of Covid-19 has engulfed the whole country. In such difficult times, there are many such questions which bother us. Those questions are going to be answered today in this article. Let us know how to recognize the symptoms of Covid-19? (Covid-19 stages of symptoms).

What to do after Covid Test, Positive?

If your Covid-19 test is positive, then first of all you have to understand that you have asymptomatic, mild, moderate, or severe disease. Stages of Covid symptoms:

Asymptomatic Covid Symptoms:

  • It has your Covid test positive but you do not have symptoms of Covid.

Mild Covid Symptoms:

  • There is a slight fever, cough, body ache, no taste in food, no taste of anything, but you can stay quarantined at home.
  • If you check blood in this, everything will be normal, an x-ray will also be normal, in a CT scan the score of this disease is less than 8.
  • You can take vitamins and antibiotics with the advice of your doctor.
  • Check your oxygen level 2-3 times a day, oxygen level should be more than 94. Oxygen level should also be taken while you are sitting or walking for 6 minutes. If your oxygen level decreases, you may have moderate or severe Covid.

Moderate Covid symptoms:

  • Oxygen levels can fall by 90 or 94%.
  • The fever increases considerably, the breath starts slightly, the breathing speed can be up to 24-30.
  • Mild pneumonia may appear in the X-ray and the score of CT scan may increase to 9–15.
  • A lab test can also have many abnormalities. In such a situation, it is right to get admitted to the hospital with the advice of your doctor.

Severe Covid Symptoms:

  • The oxygen level in this disease can be less than 90%.
  • Breath speed goes above 30 and breathing is difficult.
  • In this, the score of CT scan varies from 15-25. Lab test is all abnormal. A blood pressure drop may occur. In such a situation, hospitalization is necessary and ICU may also be required.

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Have queries or concern ?

    For how many days you should be quarantined?

    If the patient has mild Covid symptoms today, he may have moderate or severe symptoms tomorrow. Therefore, in a two-week quarantine, the patient should regularly check for oxygen saturation. If there is any new symptom, a doctor should be contacted immediately.

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    What is Home Quarantine?

    Our country and our state government have made many rules for home quarantine. In this, the patient should have a separate room, where he can live alone. If such a facility is not available in the patient’s home, then he can be admitted to the city or district Covid center. It should have a window open cross for ventilation.

    The patient should wear the mask and if anyone visits the patient to provide him food and water, he should also wear a mask. Further, the patient can walk in the room for a short time and in that also the patient can check their oxygen saturation. Always keep in touch with your doctor so that any change can take immediate action.

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