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Sahyadri Hospitals – a ‘COVID SAFE HOSPITAL’

At a time when it is clear that the novel coronavirus pandemic has brought new challenges in front of healthcare workers, Sahyadri Hospitals with its rigorous COVID -19 specific measures has managed to keep infections at bay. This has helped the highly motivated team to keep up with the confidence and to serve both COVID and non COVID patients better.

Safer together 

Our focus has been to manage the situation holistically understanding how this pandemic is possibly going to affect normal patients, FLU patients, infected patients as well as the doctors and staff. The main intention is to keep Sahyadri Covid Safe all through this tough time and beyond. 

COVID Safe OPDs & IPD Areas

In an attempt to make our OPDs COVID Safe , all patients and visitors are screened at entrance. Strict protocols to maintain Social distancing in all areas are followed. We have a dedicated Flu OPD to screen and triage patients with symptoms of Flu, cold, breathlessness etc, so that they could be directed for proper treatments, and movement to other Hospital areas are curtailed. We have ensured Safe COVID testing Facilities in our NABL & ICMR accredited Lab. We have implemented strict protocols for Segregation & Isolation for COVID suspected/ COVID Positive Patients and ensured separate, dedicated IPD areas for our Non- COVID patients, Surgery as well Delivery Patients. At the same time, we maintain highest standards of hygiene & conduct extensive disinfection after every discharged patient.

Maximum Precautions Minimum Risk 

Taking this into consideration we divided the areas into holdup areas, suspected areas and positive areas each having its own staff, instruments and equipment. We have conducted intensive training sessions for medical as well as non medical staff. As a part of our planned procedure staff was told to work for 7 days followed by 7 days of rest, with six hour shifts for critical areas and 8 hour shifts for non-critical areas. With meticulous planning for seamless services to non covid patients we segregated the areas for delivery and surgery, started a helpline for such patients and video calling facilities for relatives as they were not allowed inside. Also counselling for voluntary COVID testing before surgery from safety perspective was done. testing was carried out for delivery and surgery patients.

The nature of the job of health workers puts them at increased risk of catching communicable diseases including COVID-19. Doctors and nurses spend more time with the patient conducting high risk procedures like include placing patients on ventilators, collecting samples of sputum bronchoscopy, endoscopy and endotracheal intubation, giving General anaesthesia. We wanted to minimize the risk and therefore made separate arrangements for the staff in nearby OYO rooms with proper laundry and dining arrangement with mineral and protein rich foods. It was but natural for any individual to be stressed when he or she is away from home and loved ones, fighting a high risk crisis situation day in and day out. Our entire management team including those from HR, Unit Heads made it a point to organize counseling sessions to keep them motivated and going. This also contributed to our priority of keeping Sahyadri Covid Safe .

Leading the way with dedication and application 

As a leading chain of hospital Sahyadri Hospitals led the way with dedicated COVID Hospital Hospital at Kothrud, a separate building for Covid Patients at Karad Hospital. and isolation wards, ICU beds for Covid Patients in our other hospitals and COVID Testing facilities at our state of art NABL accredited Pathology lab. Having multiple units, our challenges are different .We had to customize the operations at the micro level to suit that individual hospital. The inter hospital coordination also had to be monitored for seamless operations. Along with this managing services for Non Covid patients was equally important which we have managed effectively across our Units. 

Unprecedented times, the best will always stand up !

But any kind of crisis always will test every organization. There were incidences which tested us, but our frontline warriors have continued working with singular focus of patient care. The families of these frontline workers must be complimented for their valued support. It was due to these rigorous procedures and learning that have kept us away from the infection till date and ensured best of the treatment for all patients.

Patient Centric approach 

We continue with our patient centric approach. We have started Online Clinic for Video consultations with Super specialists. People with symptoms like cough and fever do feel worried and the first thing they need is to talk to some experts. We have therefore started an Exclusive Free Flu Helpline which offers guidance on basic queries, online consultation with flu experts * , guidance on COVID testing facilities, information on dedicated flu OPDs, availability of Beds for admission & Ambulance services for quick transport. While we focus on COVID care, in order to maintain continuity of care for other ailments, which is equally important, we have initiated Free Super Speciality Helpline , wherein patients with Heart, Liver, Cancer, Dialysis, brain and spine problems can talk to us, and get their queries addressed from their home and also Consult with Superspecialists through our Online Clini c* if required. Looking at the requirements of our patients, we have also initiated ‘Homewell Covid Packages ’, for mild and asymptomatic COVID patients, so that they can avoid stepping out of their home, and avail COVID Treatment. These packages, designed as per Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Guidelines, will help to win the COVID battle without hospital stay.

Patients can Call on 8806252525 for Superspeciality Helpline/ Flu Helpline/ Information of WellHomewell COVID Packages/ Appointments for Online Clinic as well as OPDs at Hospital.

*Online Consultlation is a paid service.

Sahyadri Hospitals fight against Covid-19 continues till the very last patient goes home healthy and Mission Sahyadri Covid Safe has been a crucial part of this.

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