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National Cancer Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivors Day

A day to commend the tenacity of those who successfully beat cancer.

Many people across the globe are diagnosed with some form of cancer almost on a daily basis. While cancer is known to be one of the most dangerous and life-threatening diseases, it also breaks a person’s hopes to lead a happy and normal life in most cases.

Cancer not only affects the diagnosed patient but also has an impact on the people who are close to them. However, there are many people who rise up against all odds and win their fight against cancer. From overcoming the ‘Why me’ question to getting ready for treatment which itself is feared to have many side effects to getting completely cured, the Cancer Survivors go through a significant period of challenge. But the good thing is that Cancer can be cured if presented in early stages .

In India the number of cancer patients has spiked over the last few years with people from all strata of society being affected by it. Breast , Oral, Cervical , Stomach, Lung , Colorectal are amongst the most common Cancers in India . Late presentation and lack of awareness is still a major cause of worry , but India is moving ahead in the right direction with availability of cancer specialists , advanced treatments and facilities . The result is increasing number of people who are cured and whom we call ‘Cancer Survivors’.

While all their efforts and fight against Cancer is appreciated, there is common fear amongst of Cancer Survivors whether the Cancers with reoccur. In the words of senior oncologist at Sahyadri Hospitals , Dr Shona Nag , ‘After a patient is diagnosed with cancer and has taken treatment, doctors have successfully treated the patient, one should learn to get back to their normal life than living in the fear of reoccurring of cancer or any such negative thoughts related to health. Survivors can definitely live a normal life if they take good care of their health’.

Apart from the treatment there are so many aspects to Cancer Cure and support is one of them. This can be achieved in the form of Cancer Support Groups, more interactions of existing patients with those who have successfully fought Cancer and celebrating their fighting spirit. National Cancer Survivors Day is celebrated annually on the first Sunday of June.

This day focuses on recognizing the strength of cancer survivors, and serves as an inspiration and a beacon of hope to those who have recently been diagnosed. The day also aims to raise awareness and grow community outreach through its various initiatives. This year, the day will be celebrated on 6th June across the world.This National Cancer Survivors Day, do your part in spreading awareness about cancer and give the precious gift of hope to the newly diagnosed and their loved ones.

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