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4 Major Advances of Brain Tumor Surgery

A brain tumor refers to a mass of unusual cells in your brain. Brain tumors are very crucial, and it needs to be treated and diagnosed early. It can be both cancerous (malignant) as well as non-cancerous (benign).

In the last ten or fifteen years, the surgery for brain tumors has changed. With fast and advanced technology, the tumor can be treated easily while keeping the functions intact.

What are the advanced technologies for Brain Tumors?

Doctors say that tumors can be treated. This can make your life better by keeping intact all the functions of the body. Slowly in the field of brain tumor surgery, many advanced technologies are emerging and taking appropriate actions.

These advanced medical technologies are taking tumor operations to a new edge. They are as follows-

1. Improvements of Neurosurgical Microscopes

This modern microscope gives a fantastic illumination at a depth of the brain. The results are unmatched with any other microscopes. The magnification and the quality of the images are accurate.

It helps to see the structures which the doctors or other types of equipments are not able to notice. The blood vessels can also be seen through this microscope. Not only this, but also the surroundings of the tumor are inspected.

When the doctors inject ICG or Indocyanine Green into the brain, the filters become very specific in the modern Neuro microscopes. This ICG helps to present the injury of the blood vessels.

2. Neuro-navigation

Navigation means locating the exact spot of the tumor. In MRI, the tumor can be spotted, but it is fused with the navigation machine while in surgery.

It helps to coordinate with the machine and collects information about the surgery. This can be integrated with the neurosurgery microscope. It does not allow you to get lost in the brain.

3. Brain Endoscope

Tumors that are located in the ventricular system can be removed with the help of this process. This creates just a hole of 1cm diameter and operates the tumor out.

It is said that the colloid cyst can also be operated with the help of this technique. This helps in the extraction of the tumor without making a big opening on the skull. It also helps to map the brain during the surgery.

4. CUSA (Cavitran & Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator)

It is a machine with a tip vibrating at a very high speed. It separates the tumor cells without causing a pull on the surroundings.

It also helps the blood vessels to stay inside and not expand into other vessels. This process recognizes the tumor cell and makes the nerves and the vessels aware of the tumor.

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    What are the risk factors of brain tumors?

    The risk factors for a brain tumor are listed below:

    • Age: As you grow and your age increases, the risk of developing a brain tumor also increases.
    • Exposure to chemicals: Exposure to some specific chemicals may lead to brain tumors or can also increase the risk of developing brain cancer.
    • Race: Usually, white-skinned people of European origin are more prone to brain tumors. However, meningiomas are more common among African-American people.
    • Past family records: There are only around 10% of cancers that are inherited genetically and the rarest is the brain tumor to be genetically inherited. If you notice that there are many people in your family who have been inherited a brain tumor, you must consult with your doctor and the doctor may suggest a genetic counselor.
    • Radiation exposure: Exposure to radiation can increase the development of a brain tumor. With the help of high-radiation cancer therapies, you can get exposed to radiation. The incidents that took place at the nuclear power plants of Chernobyl and Fukushima provide major examples of the effect on the people who are getting exposed to ionizing radiation.

    If the brain tumor is diagnosed properly at a time, a person’s life can be saved. So, diagnosing a brain tumor and its stages are very important before treatment.

    Sometimes with proper treatment, the advanced stages of brain tumors can be treated, and it might give you a longer life. So, diagnose brain tumors properly and then start the treatment.

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