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Diet tips for Healthy lifestyle to improve immunity

Healthy lifestyle plays an important role to protect your body and mind.

Balanced diet, regular exercise, proper rest, adequate hydration and positive mind is necessary to gain fitness.

We have blessed for a good immunity but we need to have a proper quality of fuel with proper amounts and food timings should be followed as-well. Few points to improve your immunity.

  • Keep yourself hydrated , drink as much as water you can, target 2 lit minimum intake per day. ( not for kidney pts )
  • Add fresh lime water, fresh buttermilk, kairi jaggery panhe, kokum sharbat , coconut water. ( use boiled water )
  • Sugarcane juice is always recommended. Maintain hygiene. (not for diabetic patients )
  •  Drink lots of herbal tea, especially those with antibacterial properties, these includes, ginger, pepper, honey, mint, basil, less boiling is necessary.
  • Garlic, pepper, asafotida ( hinga ) , jeera, turmeric, and coriander, lemon grass help enhance digestion and improve immunity.
  • Garlic is added to soup, stir fries also building the body’s immunity.
  • Consume all fresh vegetables and fruits , wash them in running water.
  • Consume bitter vegetables and methi seeds, turmeric powder and javas seeds which will protect you.
  • Non vegetarian should go for lighter meat preparations like soups, stews rather than heavy curries.
  • Add seasonal fruits : musk melon, water melon, mangoes , papaya, grapes 2 servings per day.
  • Add high protein sources : eggs, soy milk, milk and milk products, milk powder, curds, (milk + haldi + suntha )
  • Avoid fried oily spicy and junk food.
  • Add gulkand 2 tsp per day, add tulsi and sabja seeds (mix it in your drinking water)
  •  Add small meals, take a call of your hunger eg : kharvas, banana, eggs, rajgira wadi, nachani ladoo, moong ladoo.

Made these tips for my doctor and nursing friends who are working hard every day.
Eat well, feel well.

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