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Five Common Misconceptions You May Have About Cancer

The word cancer can strike fear in the heart of practically anybody. How informed are you about this medical condition?

Over 200+ conditions fall under the term cancer. It develops when cells mutate and multiply frantically without normal cell death. These cancerous cells can expand to other body parts and hurt more tissues. Misconceptions about cancer can stop people from getting the right treatment from best hospitals in Pune or across the country. These myths also contribute to the stigma associated with the disease. This article will debunk top cancer-related myths.

Myth #1: Cancer is always deadly

Thanks to modern medicine, cancer treatments have witnessed huge improvements. Cancer is no longer the death penalty it used to be. Around 40% of patients diagnosed with cancer are cancer-free in 5 years. Early diagnosis and detection also increase the survival rate.

Myth #2: Cancer is contagious

Diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, or other microorganisms are infectious. However, since cancer changes the cellular structure of the cell DNA, it isn’t contagious. Most people develop mutated cells that are wiped out by the cell death system of the body. When the cell death system fails these mutated cells can turn cancerous.

Myth #3: Cancer effects those that have a family history of cancer

As mentioned above, cancer affects the cellular structure of a cell’s DNA. Therefore, having a family history of cancer doesn’t mean you will develop cancer. In the same manner, having no family history of cancer doesn’t mean you won’t develop cancer. Genetic mutations occur randomly caused due to a host of reasons such as radiation exposure, pollution, smoking, obesity, excessive drinking, and poor dietary practices.

Myth #4: Your attitude shapes the result of your cancer treatment

A positive or negative attitude doesn’t determine the results of your cancer treatment. While it’s helpful to be optimistic, it’s not something you should force on someone. Modern cancer treatments have increased the survival rates of those diagnosed with cancer.

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    Myth #5: Radiation therapy will kill you

    It’s true that radiation therapy can be physically and mentally exhausting but it is a life-saving treatment. Due to intensive research, radiation therapy is constantly being optimised to deliver the best treatment benefits while causing least harm to patients. There are side effects of radiation therapy but they aren’t life-threatening. However, if you still harbour doubts about the treatment speak to your cancer specialist in Pune or another city before deciding against this treatment.

    Cancer can be terrifying but striving towards demystifying myths can help make it seem like less of a monster. Stay updated about the facts and improvements being made in cancer treatments to understand where we stand in our battle against cancer.

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