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How to beat the heat with a proper diet

The beginning of this month increases the intensity of summer. During this period, the heat increases and the water level in our body declines. Also, we tend to get anaemic and tired quickly. The accumulated heat in our body leads to cold, cough and fever. The cough in the body becomes thin, and the increased appetite in the winter decreases in summer. Due to this, we might suffer from indigestion. This is why it is necessary to consume foods which do not increase the heat in the body and are easy to digest. To help you beat the heat with the right eating habits, Doctor Malvika Karkare, from the best multispeciality hospital in Pune, has shared her inputs with us. Keep reading to learn what the health expert has to say.

When it comes to a healthy diet, breakfast is the meal which gives us the strength to get through the day and stay refreshed. This is why we need to make sure we do not leave our house without a healthy breakfast.

At present, all types of fruits are available in the market. In spite of the availability, you should consider going for those fruits which are fresh such as watermelons. This is because these fruits are rich in vitamins as compared to others. Also, avoid eating oily-snack foods as much as possible. You should eat at frequent intervals. Remember, too much water can kill your hunger. So, make sure you do not gulp down an entire bottle while eating food.

To make sure you can get through this season, avoid staying hungry or over-eating. Keep your dinners light. If possible, add home-made ghee to your diet. It is advisable to avoid eating meat regularly this season. In case you cannot do without meat, have it during lunch only. The next thing you should consider is your sugar intake. Avoid adding sugar and ice to fresh fruit juices.

Today, the way we work has changed. Most of us work in air-conditioned offices. Due to this, we do not feel thirsty. But, you should make it a point to drinks 6-8 glasses of water. You can also include coconut water in your diet. The more the water, the better!

A proper diet is essential to protect yourself from the four months of summer. Choosing the right diet will definitely be your key to a happy and healthy summer!

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