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Kidney Care


What is a kidney stone?

Kidney stones are hard crystalline substances formed by deposit of minerals , acidic salts in the kidneys.

What are the symptoms of kidney stones?

The most common symptom of kidney stones is pain. Pain from the back to the abdomen can occur depending on where the kidney stones are. If the kidney is larger than 8 mm, the pain may start. If a kidney stone enters the urethra, it can cause sudden onset of severe pain. This condition is called urethral colic.

If it is in the next stage, then the kidney stone has to be removed by laser treatment. If the kidney reaches the bladder, it becomes difficult for the person to urinate. This can cause pain or blood in the urine. If the kidney stones go into the urethra, it can cause a lot of pain and in such a case, the kidney stones have to be removed by laser surgery.

What are the other symptoms of kidney stones?

Another symptom of kidney stones is bleeding. The surface of the kidney can be rough and uneven. It can have sharp edges. Brushing of kidney stones against these may cause bleeding .

The third symptom of kidney stones is urinary tract infection. Some people do not have any of these symptoms, but get diagnosed incidentally in a health camp with abdominal sonography which might have been done for other reasons, a blood-urine test can also diagnose kidney stones.

How is a kidney stone formed?

Kidney stones are formed when the amount of minerals or waste in the urine increases. If urine accumulates in the body, stones begin to form on the surface of the kidneys. Initially, these are small in size like 2mm or 3mm but over time they get bigger. When these stones grow beyond a certain limit, pain, bleeding, or infection begins. Kidney stones are more likely to recur in up to 30 percent of people.

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    What causes recurrent kidney stones?

    Genetic factors, dehydration, poor diet, diabetes, colitis, urinary tract infection, etc. can cause kidney stones.

    What to do to prevent kidney stones?

    Drinking plenty of water is the best way to control kidney stones. Consume citrus fruits like lemon, orange, citrus, etc. Regular exercise can help. Urine once at night while going to bed.

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